Maria Pasic, PhD - March 2012 Mentor of the Month

Dr. Maria Pasic obtained her PhD degree from McMaster University in 2009. There, she studied a rare inherited bleeding disorder known as Quebec Platelet Disorder and contributed to novel discoveries on the biochemical abnormalities and underlying genetic defect, a duplication of the urokinase plasminogen activator gene. She then joined the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto as a post-doctoral trainee in Clinical Chemistry. She completed her post-doctoral training in 2011.

Dr. Pasic is currently a fellow in the Molecular Diagnostics lab at the University Health Network in Toronto. Her research is focused on the development and validation of a new assay for genotyping various inherited mutations using the Sequenom Mass Array Platform. Dr. Pasic also serves on a number of committees and subcommittees for the AACC and other international organizations. Her primary interest is in the area of personalized medicine; she has written several manuscripts and holds an annual workshop at the AACC conference on this topic.

Dr. Pasic was awarded the 2011 George Grannis Award by the NACB. As an up-and-coming young laboratorian, she hopes to use her expertise in molecular diagnostics to bring new generation testing to the clinical biochemistry laboratory, and to mentor other young investigators interested in pursuing training in this area.