Southern California Local Section Science Fair

The Southern California section of the AACC actively participated in two Science fairs in 2013:

1. The Orange County Science & Engineering Fair (OCSEF) was held on March 19, 2013 in Costa Mesa, California, and the AACC Southern California section presented six awards for outstanding projects.  There were a few hundred participants from Orange County Middle and High Schools covering many categories of scientific and engineering activity. Awardees had worthy projects related to the investigation of human health and disease. Each Awardee received a check from our Section.

Senior Division:

Jiho Park - Molecular dynamics simulations of membrane-bound aromatase with titrated Asp-309 residue: implications for catalysis & novel inhibitor scaffolds.

Adonis Lu - A silico based structural genomic investigation on the effect of BRG-1 protein and its binding capability to RNA on cancer cell replication and heart failure.

Andrew Ninh - Two stochastic cellular automata models of cancer cell proliferation.

Junior Division:

Michael Wu - The effects of different antacids and Proton-Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) on the pH intensity of gastric acid.

Alexa Bonanno & McAllister Selva - The effects of zinc oxide in sunblock.

Christopher Caterinicchio - Turf wars: A microbiological battleground: A study of microbial growth on a synthetic turf football field and a natural grass football field.

2. The California State Science Fair held at California Science Center, Los Angeles, on April 16, 2013.  Winners received a check ($150/- for junior project & $250/- for senior project)  and Certificate of Excellence from our section.  For further information, please explore the link below.

Junior Division:

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology: By Sophie J Parsa and Ruby A Rorty
Topic: Genetically modified? A study of Santa Cruz Zucchini

Chemistry: By Michael D. Wu
Topic: The Effects of Different Antacids and PPIs on the pH Intensity of Gastric Acid

Pharmacology/Toxicology: By Jared Truong 
Topic: From Mealworm to Darkling Beetle: Does UV-C Radiation Have a Mutagenic Effect?

Senior Division:

Biochemistry / Molecular Biology: By Alexander N Deng and Justin D Wang
Topic: Preventing cancer Metastasis by targeting the epithelial - to - Mesenchymal transition

Chemistry: By Arpita Singhal
Topic: Herbalism as an Anticancer Agent: Characterization and Evaluation of the Bioavailability of Curcumin Nanoparticles

Pharmacology/Toxicology: By Easun P. Arunachalam  
Topic: Examination of Quorum Sensing Mechanisms in Glioblastoma Multiforms