TDM and Toxicology Division


The purpose of the Therapeutic Drug Management and Toxicology Division is to promote and provide education in the areas of therapeutic drug management (TDM) and toxicology, foster communication and networking among division members, and monitor technical and regulatory developments. Current membership includes clinical chemists and toxicologists from clinics, hospitals, industry, academia, government, and reference laboratories around the world.

The Division publishes a newsletter, sponsors several awards, and has an online toxin library that features information about known toxins.

Join the Therapeutic Drug Management and Toxicology Division group on AACC Artery to network, share ideas, research, and best practices with your Division peers. Artery is a private social community accessible only to AACC members. To enhance your connections with other AACC members, you can also visit the Open Forum.

TDM-Tox Division Speaker Program

To promote the science and practice of therapeutic drug management and toxicology, the TDM-Tox Division's Speaker Program sponsors active members of the Division to speak at Local Section Meetings.

Learn more about this program.

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