Strata Oncology has teamed with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) to launch Stratify Prostate, an initiative to expand access to tumor sequencing for men with advanced prostate cancer and to accelerate enrollment into relevant targeted therapy trials. Stratify Prostate enables eligible metastatic prostate cancer patients anywhere in the U.S. to receive free next-generation sequencing testing by enrolling in the Strata Trial, an observational study sponsored by Strata that is examining the impact of sequencing on oncology clinical trial enrollment. “With innovations like Stratify Prostate and the larger Strata Trial, our aim is to establish highly efficient ways for physicians and their patients to get actionable genetic information and real-time connections to targeted therapies,” said Dan Rhodes, PhD, CEO of Strata. Stratify Prostate will use the StrataNGS test, a 90-gene targeted assay performed in Strata’s high-throughput CLIA-certified lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan.