The Hunt for Lung Cancer Diagnostics
When Will Candidate Biomarkers Enter Clinical Practice?
By Genna Rollins

Lung cancer is one of the most lethal forms of the disease, due in part to lack of an effective early-stage diagnostic. Although CT scanning recently has proven to reduce lung cancer-related mortality, it is an imperfect marker. Body fluid-based biomarkers may be the answer to enhancing early diagnosis of this disease and helping improve survival rates.

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The Emergence of Lab-Pharmacy Partnerships
How Labs Can Enhance Their Role in Patient Care
By Bill Malone

As physicians struggle to keep up with the demands of today's complex healthcare system, some forward thinking laboratorians are finding that working directly with pharmacists can enhance the value and efficiency of both lab tests and drugs.


Bacterial Identification
Where Mass Spectrometry Meets Microbiology
By Erin Kaleta, PhD, and Donna M. Wolk, PhD, D(ABMM)

Traditional methods for identifying microorganisms focus on lengthy culturing techniques followed by growth of selective media for phenotypic characterization, Gram staining, and ultimately biochemical identification methods. Emerging mass spectrometry methods, however, are now making accurate bacterial identification significantly faster.


TB Cases Down, Ethnic Disparity Up


Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council: Year One in Review
Initiative Seeks to Prepare Students for the Changing World of Laboratory Medicine
By Genna Rollins

To mark the first anniversary of the Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council, Nader Rifai, PhD, editor-in-chief of Clinical Chemistry, discusses the program's development and plans for the future.


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