2006 Oak Ridge Abstracts


2006 Oak Ridge Conference Abstract Titles

Abstract 3
R-dots and T-dots: Two new nanoparticles with time resolved properties.
Groman, E.V., Vaccaro, D.E., and Reinhardt, C.P. BioPhysics Assay Laboratory, Inc. Worcester, Mass.

Abstract 4
Utility of a novel heparin/protamine titration for monitoring patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass surgery at two clinical sites.
Walker C. T.¹, Folk T. M.¹, Balega S.², Jones D.², McGregor N.², Campbell S.S.², Coombs G.², Guyer K.E.³, Carville D.G.M.³, Ridgway H.ª, Rullman, R.ª ¹Baptist Hospital, Pensacola, FL, ²St. Mary’s Hospital, Kitchener, ON, ³Indiana University South Bend, South Bend, Ind. ªHelena Laboratories, Beaumont, Texas.

Abstract 5
The Biobarcodetm assay: A fully automated platform for ultrasensitive detection of proteins and nucleic acids.
Storhoff J.J., Nanosphere, Inc, Northbrook, Ill.

Abstract 6
LMP platform solving old problems in the clinical lab.
Kaartinen, N.H., TeleChemistry OY, Turku, Finland.

Abstract 7
Molecularly imprinted polymers used to enhance biosensor performance.
Meathrel, W.G.¹, Wagner, B.¹, ¹Adhesives Research, Inc., Glen Rock, Penn.

Abstract 9
Multiple internal assay controls used with the BioPlex 2200 multiplex analyzer.
Bruehl R., Prestigiacomo A., Watkins, M., and Martin, T. Clinical Diagnostics Group, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, Calif.

Abstract 10
Biomolecular detection with microchannel resonators.
Babcock K.L.¹, Manalis S.M.², Burg T.P. ². ¹Innovative Micro Technology, Santa Barbara, Calif., and ²MIT Biological Engineering, Cambridge, Mass.

Abstract 11
Subsystem characterization process for optimized rate assay performance.
Gaffke, J.N.¹, Ravalico, T.J.¹, Campbell, D.M.¹. ¹Abbott Laboratories, Diagnostics Division, Irving, Texas.

Abstract 12
Adipokines (TNF-a, PAI-1 and Adiponectin) as novel markers for the therapeutic efficiency of telmisartan and ramipril in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Alexander Haliassos A¹, Drakopoulos I.², Symeonides P.³,ª, Katritsis D.³, Vratsista E.ª, Koulouris S.ª, Makris K.². ¹.Central Laboratories, Euroclinic of Athens, 9, Athens, Greece, ².Biochemistry Laboratory, K.A.T. Hospital , Greece, ³.Cardiology Department, Euroclinic of Athens, Athens, Greece, ª.Cardiology Department, Evangelismos Hospital, Athens, Greece.

Abstract 14
Effect of ?-substitution on the efficiency of photo-cleavage of 2-nitropiperonylacetates.
Afroz F., Barone A. D., Chen C., Cuppoletti A., Kuimelis R.G., Li H, McGall G.H.. Affymetrix Research Laboratories, Affymetrix, Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.

Abstract 15
Indirect immuno-PCR (i²PCR): Development of a simplified one-step protocol.
Banin S., Wilson S., Stanley C. ISEAO Technologies Ltd, London, UK.

Abstract 16
Application of a one-step homogeneous immunoassay for quantitation of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs).
Yang X.¹, Janatova J.¹, Juenke J.M.², McMillin G.²,³ Andrade J.D.¹. ¹Department of Bioengineering, University of Utah, and ²ARUP Institute of Clinical and Experimental Pathology, ARUP Laboratories, ³Department of Pathology, University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Abstract 17
Single molecule detection of proteins using microfluidic fluorescence detection.
Shupenko C, D’Antoni C, Lloyd J, Harris J, Nalefski E, and Whitney D. US Genomics, Woburn, Mass.

Abstract 18
Comparative genomic hybridization using oligonucleotide arrays and total genomic DNA.
Scheffer A., Barrett M., Tsalenko A., Ben-Dor A., Sampas N., Tsang P., Anderson P., Curry B., Kincaid R., Lipson D., Yakhini Z., Bruhn L.K., Laderman S., Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, Calif.

Abstract 19
A novel homogeneous assay system as a new diagnostic platform for the clinical laboratory.
Kachab H.K., De Las Heras R., Fry R.S., Huang C.Y., Li J., Hazell S. Panbio Ltd, Brisbane, Australia.

Abstract 20
Development of a sensitive luminescence immunoassay (LIA) for dopamine in biological fluids.
Booltink E.¹, Kuper M.¹, and Manz B.² ¹Labor Diagnostika Nord, Nordhorn, Germany, ²Rocky Mountain Diagnostics, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Abstract 21
Study of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant vitamins (C & E) in schizophrenic patients.
Lakhiani M, and Rawtani J, Department of Biochemistry J.L.N. Medical College Ajmer. Department of Biochemistry, Medical College Jodhpur, India.

Abstract 22
Rapid homogeneous assays for DNA and protein targets employing the principle of DNA-programmed Chemistry.
Haff, L.A., Wilson, C., Huang, Y., Benton, B., Bond, J., Stern, A., Begley, R., Coull, J., Ensemble Discovery Corporation, Cambridge, Mass.

Abstract 23
Point-of-care monitoring V’s light transmission aggregometry using arachidonic acid for aspirin resitance.
Gurbel P. A.¹, Bliden K. M.¹, Carville DGM², Ridgway H.³, Rullman, R.³ ¹Center for Thrombosis Research, Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, ²Department of Chemistry, Indiana University South Bend, South Bend, In. ³ Helena Laboratories, Beaumont, Texas.

Abstract 25
Aspirin resistance a clinical phenomenon—evaluation by a novel method.
Gurbel P. A.¹, Bliden K. M.¹, Lau W. C.², Hallock L.², Geske F.J.³, Carville DGM.ª, Guyer K.E.ª ¹Center for Thrombosis Research, Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, Md., ²Department of Anesthesia, University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Mich., and ³Corgenix Inc. Westminster, Colo. Department of Chemistry, Indiana University South Bend, South Bend, Ind.

Abstract 28
A test for detection of HPV16-E6.
Peck R.B.¹, Schweizer J. ², Weigl B.H. ¹, Somoza C. ², Silver JE², Sellors J.W.¹, Lu P. ². ¹PATH, Seattle, Wash., and ²Arbor Vita Corporation, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Abstract 29
ChargeSwitch™-coated 96-well plates: Genomic DNA purification, amplification and detection in a single well.
Crow M., Leadsham J., Cheshire Z., Harper G., Olivares E., Oak S., Lee B., Baker M., Peterson T., Invitrogen, Carlsbad, Calif.

Abstract 30
Chip microfluidic electrophoresis as a method to quantify total microalbuminuria.
Chan O.T.M., Herold D.A. Department of Pathology, Veterans Affairs San Diego Medical Center, San Diego, Calif. and Department of Pathology, University of California at San Diego, San Diego, Calif.

Abstract 31
“Smart” holograms—a novel diagnostics platform.
Kabilan, S., Horgan, A.M., Dean, K., Creasey, C.D., Terrell, S., Affleck, L.J., Kew, S., Marshall, A.J. Smart Holograms, Cambridge, UK.

Abstract 32
Profiling tyrosine phosphorylation in cell-lines and clinical tissues using flow-through peptide-microarrays.
van Beuningen R.¹, Diks S.², Boender P.¹, Den Dunnen W.², De Bont E.², Peppelenbosch M.², ¹ PamGene International B.V., Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, and ² University Medical Center, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Abstract 33
A comparison of pressure cycling technology (PCT) to other methods of protein extraction.
Smejkal, G., Tao, F., Lawrence, N., and Schumacher, RT. Pressure BioSciences, Inc., West Bridgewater, Mass.

Abstract 36
Diffractive optics technology: a novel detection technology for clinical immunoassays.
Borisenko V., Hu W., Tam P., Chen I., Houle J.F., Ausserer W. Axela Biosensors Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada.

Abstract 38
The effect of capture bead immobilization on LDD, line intensity and CV for assays built on FUSION 5tm.
Jones, K.D. Whatman Inc, Florham Park, N.J.

Abstract 39
A systematic method for selection of promising serum protein biomarkers to improve prostate cancer (pca) detection.
Finlay J.A.¹, Klee E.W.², McDonald C.², Attewell J.R.², Hebrink D.², Dyer R.², Love B.¹, Vasmatzis G.², Li T.M.¹, Beechem J.¹ and Klee G.G.². ¹Invitrogen Corporation, Carlsbad, Calif., and ²Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

Abstract 40
Direct spectrophotometric estimation of lipid concentrations in serum and synthetic mixtures.
Purdie, N.¹, Reilly, L.M.¹, Lavine, B.K.¹, Marais, A.D.². ¹Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla., and ²University of Cape Town, Observatory, South Africa.

Abstract 41
Simple, label-free detection of antibodies from multiple species using liquid crystals.
Hansmann,D.D.¹, Israel,B.A.¹, Kupcho,K.A.¹, Perrone,D.M.¹, Anhalt,K.M.¹, Murphy,C.J.², Abbott,N.L.³ ¹Platypus Technologies, Madison WI, ²School of Veterinary Medicine, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, and ³Colllege of Engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wis.

Abstract 42
Measurement of parathyroid hormone and its fragments in human plasma By lc-ms/ms.
Chen L-S, Barnidge D.R., Bergen H.R., Singh R.J., Grebe S.K., Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Rochester, Minn.

Abstract 43
Simple and rapid method for detection of bacterial enteric pathogens in stool samples for low resource settings.
Dillman, L.A., Fichtenholtz, A., Weigl, B.H. PATH, Seattle, Wash.

Abstract 44
Exponential representational fragment amplification (rfa): 30 million fold with retention of fidelity as determined by comparative microarray analysis.
Sgarlato G.D., Sussman H.H., Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, Calif.

Abstract 45
Helicase-dependent amplification: a novel isothermal DNA amplification platform for molecular diagnostics.
Tang W., Millar M., Ranalli T., and Kong H. BioHelix Corporation, Beverly, Mass.

Abstract 46
SERS nanotags: Multiplexed nanoscale optical detection labels than span the gap between point-of-care and central lab diagnostic technologies.
Natan, M. J., Oxonica, Inc., Mountain View, Calif.

Abstract 48
A smart recapping system for automatic, semi-automatic and manual use.
Nauck, M.¹, Nauck, M.², Koetting, J.³. ¹University Hospital Greifswald, Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Germany, ²Bioscientia GmbH Ingelheim, Germany, and ³LabConsult GmbH University Hospital Freiburg, Germany.

Abstract 49
Self-contained wet chemistry system for physician office laboratories.
Oki, N.¹, Matsuda, Y.¹, Aizawa, G.¹, Mitsumaki, H.¹, Kuwa, K.², ¹Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, and ²Tsukuba University, Ibaraki, Japan.

Abstract 50
A rapid microfluidic chip assay for high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and HDL subfractions.
Li C., Deng D., Jing D., Love W., Kratzmeier M., Tian X. Bek F., Romeo R., Mueller O., McNulty M. Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, Calif.

Abstract 51
Novel biomarkers for ALS and Alzheimer’s disease.
Do, H.K. ¹, Hadlock K.G. ¹, Miller R.G. ², Yu S. ¹, Mass J.², Zhang R.³, Gascon R.³, Narvaez A.³, Katz J.³, and McGrath M.S.³ . ¹ Pathologica, LLC, Burlingame, Calif., ² Forbes Norris MDA/ALS Research Center, San Francisco, Calif., and ³ AIDs & Cancer Specimen Resource (ACSR), San Francisco, Calif.

Abstract 52
Application of LC-MS technology for early detection of microalbuminuria in patients with kidney disease.
Babic N., Singh R.J., Grebe S.K., Kumar R., Larson T.S. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

Abstract 55
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy of serum albumin: a novel new test for cancer diagnosis and monitoring.
Kazmierczak S.C.¹, Muravsky V.² ¹Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon, and ² MedInnovation GmbH, Berlin, Germany.

Abstract 56
An innovative flow-assisted non-competitive chemiluminescent immunoassay for the detection of pathogenic bacteria.
Magliulo M. ¹, Roda B. ², Zattoni A. ², Michelini E. ¹, Reschiglian P. ², Roda A. ¹. ¹Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bologna, Italy. ²Department of Chemistry “G. Ciamician”, Bologna, Italy.

Abstract 57
Up-converting phosphors in a homogeneous fret-based immunoassay.
Kuningas, K., Rantanen, T., Ukonaho, T., Päkkilä, H., Rosenberg, J., Lövgren, T., Soukka, T. Department of Biotechnology, University of Turku, Turku, Finland.

Abstract 59
Biomolecular diagnostics by a magnetic lab-on-a-chip.
Schotter J.¹, Brueckl H.¹, Reiss G.², ¹ARC-sr Research GmbH, Nano System Technologies, Vienna, Austria, and ²University of Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany.

Abstract 61
Development and preliminary clinical validation of a high sensitivity assay for cardiac troponin using a capillary flow (single molecule) fluorescence detector.
Wu A.H.B,,¹ Fukushima N.,² Puskas R.,² Todd, J.² Goix P.² ¹University of California, San Francisco, Calif., and ²Singulex Inc., St. Louis, Mo.

Abstract 63
RiboMaker assays for RNA and protein detection: Specificity, and multiplex signal generation.
Hunt J., Phail M., Perkins K., Sarker S., McCarthy D., and Hanna, M. Ribomed Biotechnologies, Inc., Phoenix, Ariz.

Abstract 64
Rapid, lysis-free isolation of nucleic acids from biological materials.
Akhavan-Tafti H. ¹, Bray, M.A.¹, Cripps, W.C. ¹, de Silva, R.¹, Eickholt, R.A.¹, Federspiel, R.S.¹, Handley, R.S.¹, Lauwers, K.S.¹, Mastronardi, M.L.¹, Mazelis, M.¹, Mohanan, J.L.¹, O’Connor, E.A.¹, Schaap, A.P.¹, Siripurapu, S.¹, Xie, W. ¹, Holland, C.², Waddington, J.² ¹ Lumigen Inc., Southfield, Mich., and ² William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Mich.

Abstract 65
Development of DNA based multiple CF mutation control materials that are compatible with eight different cystic fibrosis assay platforms.
Lebo R.¹, Galehouse D.,¹ and Shahika A.². ¹Cytogenetics and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories, Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron, Akron Ohio, and ² AcroMetrix Corporation, Benicia, Calif.

Abstract 67
CardioMPO™: Optimization of an ELISA for myeloperoxidase in human plasma.
Jackson, T. M., Kline M., Aras K., PrognostiX, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.

Abstract 68
High-speed interferometric detection of label-free immunoassays on the BioCD.
Zhao, M.¹, Nolte, D.¹, Cho, W.², Regnier, F.², Varma, M.³, Lawrence, G.³ and Pasqua, J.³. ¹Department of Physics, ²Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., and ³QuadraSpec Inc., West Lafayette, Ind.

Abstract 69
Lab-in-a-tube technology platform enables rapid nucleic acid testing at the point-of-care.
Zillmann, M., Peterson, T., Schulkind, R., Wang, Z., Chen, S., IQuum, Inc., Allston, Mass.

Abstract 70
HPLC-MS method development for quantification of insulin and its analogs and for identification of source of discrepancy among immunoassay methods.
Cao Z(T)¹, Hei A², Kannan K¹, Rosano T³, Rej R¹, ¹Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, Albany, N.Y., ²National Center for Clinical Laboratories, Beijing, China, and ³Albany Medical Center and College, Albany, N.Y.

Abstract 71
Determination of cytochrome P450 2D6 copy number on the Nanogen electronic microarray.
Harris M., Shirajian J., Lawther G., Orallo R., Yao Z., Radtkey R. Nanogen, Inc., San Diego, Calif.

Abstract 72
Identification and growth rate quantitation of individual bacterial clones using a novel microfluidic concentration device.
C. Greef, D., Goldberg, D. Howson, N. Kulprathipanja, M. Lindsey, M. Lochhead, J. Mascali, S. Metzger, Ngo, T.-H. Accelr8 Technology Corporation, Denver, Colo.

Abstract 74
A novel magnetic immunochromatographic test (MICT®) for confirmation of isolates of neisseria gonorrhea and chlamydia sp.
Chow H.S., Dong F., Pratt D.M., and Laborde R. MagnaBioSciences/Quantum Design, San Diego, Calif.

Abstract 75
Smart polymer preconcentration to enhance the sensitivity of chlamydia trachomatis immunoassays.
Kulkarni S.¹, Barfield C.², Peck R.², Steele M.², Hoffma A. S.¹, Weigl B. H.,² and Stayton P. S.¹. ¹Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash., and ²PATH, Seattle, Wash.

Abstract 76
A new particle-based diagnostic platform for multiplexed, non-labeled biomolecular analysis.
Prober J.M.¹, Stull P.D.¹, Kourtakis K.¹, Fosser K.A.¹, Steenhoek L.E.¹, Perry M.P.¹, D’Amore M.B.¹, Tseng S.Y.¹, Jiang X.¹, Hendrickson E.R.¹, Cui X.¹, Dam R.J.² ¹DuPont Company, Wilmington, Del., and ²DuPont Company (retired), Maple Valley, Wash.

Abstract 77
Whole blood immuno-assays using TRACE® technology for POC testing.
Lavigne A.¹,², Bois E.¹, Meyrueis P.², ¹ Cezanne SAS, Nîmes, France, and ² LSP, Strasbourg, France.

Abstract 78
Aptima® PCA3 molecular urine test: Development of a method to aid in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.
Groskopf J.¹, Aubin S.M.J.¹, Deras I.L.¹, Blase A.¹, Brentano S.¹, Macairan M.L.², Marks L.S.², Rittenhouse H.¹. ¹Gen-Probe Incorporated, San Diego, Calif., and ²Urological Sciences Research Foundation, Los Angeles, Calif.

Abstract 79
Application of a novel planar waveguide technology for CYP 2C9 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis.
Shermoen D., Zheng M., Wong C., Shen L-P., Johnson J., Warner B. Bush-Donovan, C. Bayer Healthcare Diagnostics, Berkeley, Calif.

Abstract 80
An evaluation of extended linearity enzyme and bHCG assays with FlexRate on Abbott Architect analyzer.
Elizabeth E.C., Jabeen R., Petersen J. R., Okorodudu A.O., and Mohammad A.A. Department of Pathology, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas.

Abstract 81
Duplexed assay for the detection of seb and ricin toxin in clinical samples.
Odom M., Hydutsky R., Short K, Darnell L., Gibbs S., Knapp H., Pan J., Qin D., Daniel R., and Yin R., ANP Technologies, Inc., Newark, Del.

Abstract 82
One-step quantitative cytokine assay.
Knapp¹ H., Gibbs² S., Pan J., Qin D., Gunther¹ V., Jett¹ M., Li² L., Jensen³ J., and Yin² R.. ¹ANP Technologies, Inc., Newark, Del., ²Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Springs, Md., ³Cogent Systems, Inc., South Pasadena, Calif., and ªU.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.

Abstract 83
An IRB approved study to determination of the biological and analytical variation in transcript abundance levels of selected genes in normal human whole blood samples measured by StaRT-PCR™ in the standardized expression measurement (SEM) center™ using the Caliper LabChip 90.
Willey J., Zahorchak R., Herness-Peters E., and Osborn T., Gene Express, Inc., Ruppel P., Innovative Analytics, and Rojas-Caro S., Brigell M., Pfizer, Inc.

Abstract 84
Highly sensitive fluorescence detection on a biochip.
Ruckstuhl T., Blue R., Spillman S., Kent N., McEvoy H., Laib S., McDonagh C., MacCraith B. D.. Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI), National Centre for Sensor Research, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.

Abstract 85
Functional immunoassay technology (FIT) allows the development of diagnostic assays for glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and effective renal blood flow (ERBF) that are accurate and easy to use.
Groman, E.V., Vaccaro, D.E., and Reinhardt, C.P. BioPhysics Assay Laboratory, Inc. Worcester, Mass.

Abstract 86
Rapid direct detection of bacteria from positive blood cultures by bacteriophage-enabled immunoassay.
Rees J.R., Smith B.C., Dreiling B., Steinmark T.M., Cichon M.K., Conlin S.D. MicroPhage, Inc. Longmont, Colo.

Abstract 87
Optimal presentation of solid phase antigens in magnetic bead immunoassays.
Finne E., Vissers J., Gerritsma I., Martens M., Borgen T., Pringle S., Songe P., Trømborg, H. Invitrogen Corporation, Dynal Bead Based Separation, Oslo, Norway. Future Diagnostics BV, Wijchen, The Netherlands.

Abstract 88
Design and development of manufacturable protein arrays.
Citeau H., Doneen B., McIntosh B., O’Farrell B. BioDot Inc. Irvine, Calif.

Abstract 89
Investigation of causes of prohK2 immunoreactivity higher than serum hK2 immunoreactivity.
Goodmanson M.K., and Klee G.G., Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

Abstract 90
Real-time label-free acoustic technology for rapid detection of E coli O157:H7.
Huang L., and Cooper M.A. Akubio Limited, Cambridge, UK.

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