2004 Oak Ridge Abstracts

36th Annual Oak Ridge Conference - Pushing the Technology Envelope, An Exploration of the Future of Clinical Laboratory Testing

Substitution of antibodies by phage-borne probes in detection devices.
Petrenko, V., Sorokulva, I.B., Brigatti J., Olsen E., Nanduri V., Chen I., Barbaree J., Symonyan A., Vodyanoy V., Chin B. Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

Nucleic acid testing using surface plasmon resonance fluorescence detection.

Campbell, B.A., Lei, J., Kiaei, D., Sustarsic, D., El Shami, A.S. Diagnostic Products Corp., Los Angeles, CA.

Concurrent cytokine gene and protein expression profiling: a systems biology approach using the eTag™ assay system.

Shih Y., Chen A., Pennu H., Bi D., Leung D., Salimi-Moosavi H., Wu J., Tian T., and Singh S. ACLARA BioSciences, Inc., Mountain View, CA.

A non-instrumented point of care test for prothrombin time.

Law, W.T., Yankowski, R., Harper, R. PortaScience Inc., Moorestown, N.J.

A multimarker ProteinChip® System assay for the diagnosis of early stage ovarian cancer.

Wang Z., Yip C., Ying Y., Yip T., Fung E. T. Ciphergen Biosystems, Fremont, California.

The use of a new device for the isolation of red cells for PCR based Malaria assays.

Jones K. D.¹, Andrews L.². ¹Whatman Inc, Clifton, NJ; ²The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford, UK.

A fast and specific method for the measurement of multiple immunosuppressant drugs in human whole blood by high throughput liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.

Espourteille F.A., Takarewski J.J., Vannozzi S.A. Cohesive Technologies, Franklin, MA.

Multiplex capabilities for serological immunoassays using Luminex xMAP technology.

Baker H. Luminex Corp., Austin, TX.

The development of a novel platform for lateral flow assays.

Jones K. D., Koscielny M., Cox D., Whatman Inc., Clifton, NJ.

Non-invasive measurements of glucose by metabolic heat conformation (MHC) method.

Cho, O.K.¹, Kim, Y.O.¹, Mitsumaki, H.², Kuwa, K³. ¹PhiScience GmbH, Schwerte, Germany, ²Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, ³Tsukuba University, Ibaraki, Japan.

BioChip: An innovative microfluidic device with microstructure directed piezo pumping.

Parsons G.¹, Martens M.¹, Gasso S.¹, Rosmalen F.¹, Schlüter M.², Mammitzsch S.², and Lilenhof H-J.². 1Future Diagnostics bv, Wijchen, The Netherlands, and ²Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Rapid blood test detecting AMPA receptor peptide for assessment of brain related seizures.

Dambinova S.A., Izykenova G.A., Granstrem O.K., Skuliabin D.I., Skoromets A.A. Pavlov's State Medical University, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Photo-Removable Protecting Groups for in situ DNA Microarray Synthesis.

Cuppoletti A., McGall G.H., Kuimelis R.G., Barone A.D., Li H., Afroz F., Bury P.A., Chen C. Affymetrix Inc., Santa Clara, CA.

A rapid, multiplex assay for the detection of GBS in pregnant women during labor using the GeneXper© system.

Wong, E., Mokkapati, A., Yuan, L., Kim, Y., Western, L. and McMillan, W. Cepheid, Sunnyvale, CA.

Use of a Moving Optical Gradient as a Novel Ex Vivo Diagnostic Tool to Quantify Patient Resistance/Sensitivity to Chemotherapy.

Kariv I ¹, Nieva J.2,3, McNeeley P.¹, Forster A.¹, Mercer E.¹, Nerenberg M.¹, Diver J.¹, Bethel K.², Saven A.2,3. 1Genoptix, Inc., San Diego, CA, ²Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA, ³Scripps Cancer Center, La Jolla, CA

Evaluation of an automated multiplexed immuno-blot assay for the detection of antigen specificity of anti-nuclear antibodies in connective tissue diseases.

Gupta M., Means C. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH.

Using Computer Simulation to Study the Impact of Increasing Routine Test Volume On Turn Around Times of Stat Samples on ci8200 Integrated Chemistry and Immunoassay Analyzer.

Mohammad A.A., Okorodudu A.O., Stredler D., Leigh D., and Petersen J.R. University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX.

New materials for strongly binding and controllably releasing nucleic acids.

Akhavan-Tafti, H., deSilva, R., Eickholt, R.A., Handley, R.S., Lauwers, K.S., Sandison, M.D., Siripurapu, S., Xie, W., Schaap, A.P. Lumigen Inc., Southfield, MI 48034

Quantitative PCR – a novel tool for quantification of proteins with oligonucleotide – aptamers.

Kage A. ¹, Henke W. ², Witt H. ³, Dahmen C.4. ¹Charité - Universitätsmedizin für Berlin, Institut für Laboratoriumsmedizin und Pathobiochemie, Berlin, Germany; ²Charité - Universitätsmedizin für Berlin, Berlin, Germany; ³Charité - Universitätsmedizin für Berlin, Berlin, Germany; and 4AptaRes AG, Luckenwalde, Germany.

An electronic data management system for clinical studies.

Budd, J.R., Englund, C.E. Beckman Coulter, Inc., Chaska, MN.

A simple and sensitive assay capable of detecting codon 12 and 13 K-ras oncogene mutation in plasma and other retrievable fluids: A tool for screening high risk population.

Gupta M., Arciaga R., Borwn N.A., Walsh M.R. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio.

An alternative approach to immuno-PCR.

Banin S., Wilson S., Stanley C. Microsens Biotechnologies, London, UK.

New Time Resolved-FRET Systems for Homogeneous Assay Formats.

Josel H.-P¹., Enderle Th.², Roth D.², H. Matile², Herrmann R.¹, Belik D.5, Kaluza K.³, Koenig B. ³, Mueller F.4. ¹Rare Reagent Development, Roche Centralized Diagnostics, Penzberg; Roche Pharmaceuticals, ²Assay Development Basel

MCA-SAQSSE: A Highly Sensitive Immunoassay Technology.

McCreavy D.T., Gallagher J.A., Fraser W.D. PalindromX Group, Liverpool, UK.

Simple, rapid, and sensitive TSH Immunoassay using Europium(III) Nanoparticle Label.

Huhtinen P., Pelkkikangas A-M., Jaakohuhta S., Lövgren T., Härmä H. University of Turku, Turku, Finland.

A dual-label homogeneous TruPoint-PCR assay for genotyping.

Hemmilä I., Ylikoski A., Elomaa A., Ollikka P., Hakala H., Mukkala V.M., Hovinen J. PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, Turku, Finland.

New optimised one micron magnetic bead platform for fast and efficient development of automated immunoassays.

Trømborg H.¹, Aksnes E.¹, Molteberg A.E. 1, Kjus N.H. 1, Manger I.¹, v. Wanrooij M.², Martens M.². ¹ Dynal Biotech, Oslo, Norway and ² Future Diagnostics, Wijchen, The Netherlands.

A rapid and sensitive assay for the evaluation of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) using the i-STAT bedside test system.

Tomec R.J.¹, Sun D.¹, Carville D.G.M.², Walsh M.M.¹. ¹Memorial Hospital & Health System, South Bend, IN and ²Clinical Solutions & Innovations, South Bend, IN.

A sensitive assay for identification of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, based on direct detection of genomic DNA using gold nanoparticle probes.

Ramakrishnan, R., Buckingham, W., Domanus, M., Gieser, L., Klein, K., Kunkel, G., Prokhorova, A., Riccelli, P. Nanosphere, Inc., Northbrook, Illinois.

Reactive dyeing of antibody/protein and its application in immunochromatography.

Lin, H. M.¹, Wang, S. R.², Lai, S. F.², Liu, Y. C.², & Hsiung, K. P.¹. ¹Taiwan Unison Biotech Inc., Taiwan ROC and ²Dept. of Chemical Engineering, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan ROC.

Evaluation of the Evidence biochip array technology analyser for drugs of abuse screening in comparison with CEDIA and GC-MS.

Orsulak, P.J.¹, Fuller, D.C.¹, Akers, L.C.², Fitzgerald, S.P.³, Lamont, J.³, McConnell, I.³. ¹University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, ²VA North Texas Health Care System, Dallas, TX and ³Randox Laboratories, Crumlin, Co. Antrim, UK.

Combination of the AmpliChip™ CYP450 Microarray RUO and GenomiPhi™ technology to genotype CYP2D6 and CYP2C19 alleles from whole blood, serum and plasma.

Cintron, V.¹, Watters, J.¹, Fairchild, M.², Wu, L.², Flockhart, D.A.³, Raich, T.J.¹. ¹Roche Diagnostics Corporation, Indianapolis, IN, ²Roche Molecular Systems, Alameda, CA, and ³Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN.

Genetic Risk Assessment for Venous Thrombosis by a 25-plex PCR Assay Using the Luminex System.

Laffler T.G.¹ and Bare L.A.². 1 Abbott Molecular Diagnostics, Abbott Park, IL, and ²Celera Diagnostics, Alameda, CA.

Application of miniaturized sensors for measuring blood analytes in clinical setting.

Mansouri S. Instrumentation Laboratory, Lexington, MA.

A multiplex assay system: BD™ Cytometric Bead Array and its application on the BD™ FACSArray Bioanalyzer instrument.

Chen R., Vegh F., Lee R., Garrett, D., and Varro R. BD Biosciences, San Jose, CA.

Redox cycling of coenzyme Q9 as a new measure of plasma reducing power.

Tang P.H., deGrauw T. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Gene expression profiling in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues using universal bead arrays.

Bibikova M.¹, Talantov D.², Yeakley J.M.¹, Chudin E.¹, Wickham E.¹, Barker D.¹, Chee M.¹, Wang Y.², and Fan J.-B.¹. ¹Illumina Inc., San Diego, CA, and ²Veridex LLC, Raritan, NJ.

Evaluation of an automated sample processing and multiplex real-time PCR assay system for Bacillus anthracis in a United States Postal Service mail processing facility.

Jones, M.¹, Weir, F.¹, Tsai, J.¹, Mokkapatti, A.¹, Satya, M.¹, Swenson, D.¹, Tholath, J.¹, Sakai, S.¹, Moon, B.¹, Yuan, L.¹, Norwood, D.², McMillan, W.¹. ¹ Cepheid, Sunnyvale, CA, and ²U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Ft. Detrick, MD.

Useful estimates of assay performance from small data sets.

Houts T.M. QIVX, Fort Collins, CO.

A supersensitive lateral-flow immunoassay platform using the luminescent europium nanoparticle.

Choi Y.H., Kim H., Baek S.J., Han J.S., Jung J. Access Bio, Inc. Monmouth Jct., NJ.

Comparative genomic hybridization with oligonucleotide microarrays and total genomic DNA.

Scheffer A.¹, Barrett M.¹, Ben-Dor A.¹, Sampas N.¹, Lipson D.¹, Tsalenko A.¹, Kincaid R.¹, Tsang P.¹, Curry B.¹, Baird K.², Meltzer P.², Yakhini Z.¹, Laderman S.¹, Bruhn L.¹. ¹Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA and ²NHGRI, NIH, Bethesda, Md.

On the development of an assay for the identification of haptoglobin variants for ovarian cancer detection.

Patel M. and Chan D.W. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Md.

Synthesis of Novel Nucleotides for the Efficient Enzymatic Labeling of RNA.
Barone A.D., Cao Y., Chen C., Cole K., Li H., and McGall G.H. Affymetrix, Inc. Santa Clara, Calif.

Lateral flow dengue virus detection system for ready to use dengue virus detection PCR kit.

Jung J., Kim Y.S., Baek S.J., Jang H.S., Jang Y.J., Kim S., and Choi Y.H., Access Bio, Inc., N.J.

Performing antibody binding measurements at the single molecule level.

Tetin S.Y. Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, Ill.

Quantitative Analysis of Gene Expression Using Chemiluminescent Detection on Microarrays.

Schroth G.P., Schroeder B.G., Gonzalez C., Wang Y., Chan F., Li K., Lui I., Zhang L., Tomaney A.B., Smith R.M., Sparks A., Edwards B., Voyta J.C. Applied Biosystems, Foster City, Calif.

Clinical evaluation of an algorithm for short sample detection on a multi-analyte panel using a point-of-care analyzer.

Ostoich V.¹, Aron K.¹, Hickey A.¹, Bleile D.M.¹, Kazmierczak S.C.², Kazmierczak D.E.². ¹ABAXIS: Union City, CA; and ²Oregon Health & Science University: Portland, OR.

Evaluation of a Novel, Integrated Approach Using Functionalized Magnetic Beads, MALDI-TOF MS with AnchorChip Technology and Pattern Recognition Software for Profiling Potential Biomarkers in Human Plasma.
 Zhang X., Harrison A.T., Leung S-M., Morris C.R., and Shigenaga M.K.

Comparative Protein Analyses Of Plasma And Serum From Human Whole Blood Using Clontech Arrays.

 Schram J. and Pearson R. Becton Dickinson Technologies, Research Triangle Park, NC.

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