Healthcare and the 2008 Election

Vince Stine, PhD

Vince Stine, PhD,

November 2008 Election




The incoming 111th Congress will make comprehensive health care reform a high priority for the first time in nearly fifteen years. Ever since the failure of the first Clinton Administration to reform the system, Congress has avoided the issue. Now, with the election of President-elect Barak Obama (D-IL), Congress is poised to once more take up the issue, particular since then-Senator Obama made comprehensive reform a key element of his political platform. This presentation recounts the election results; analyzes how the election changed the political dynamics in Washington; identifies possible elements of reform; discusses the factors that will influence the final outcome; and evaluates what it may mean for the clinical laboratory community.


Vince Stine, PhD, is the Director of Government Affairs for AACC, where he is responsible for legislative and regulatory affairs for the Association. He is the staff liaison to the Government Relations, Evidence-Based Medicine and Pediatric Reference Range Committees.

Dr. Stine is also an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at The George Washington University, where he teaches American Political Parties and Religion and Politics. Prior to joining AACC in 1990, Dr. Stine worked four years on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Assistant to former Maryland Representative Roy Dyson.

Dr. Stine has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University and a Doctorate in Public Policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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