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Susan M. Maynard, PhD: June 2008 Expert Access Biography

Susan M. Maynard
Susan M. Maynard

Susan M. Maynard, PhD (FACB), is Director of Chemistry and Toxicology at Carolinas Medical Center, in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Maynard graduated with a BS from the University of North Carolina School of Pharmacy in 1972 and continued her education at UNC, receiving a Masters in Biopharmaceutics and Kinetics, as well as a PhD in Biochemistry. She has been involved in immunosuppressant analysis since the early 1980s and has numerous presentations and publications in the fields of toxicology, pharmacology, and evidence based medicine, including a chapter in Emergency Toxicology.


Dr. Maynard has served on the AACC Evidence Based Medicine Subcommittee since 2006. One duty of service on the EBM subcommittee is to submit nominations for systematic literature reviews to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. One such nomination was “The Utility of Monitoring Mycophenolic Acid in Solid Organ Transplants.” After this nomination was accepted by AHRQ, Dr. Maynard served as a consultant to the McMaster’s Evidence Based Medicine Practice Center, the group performing the systematic review. She also served as a peer reviewer of the final report.