Biography: James T. Griffith, PhD, CLS (NCA)

February 28, 2007 Presentation: Emergent Viral Diseases



James T. Griffith, PhD, CLS (NCA), is currently Chancellor Professor and Chairperson in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science at the University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth, Mass.). He is also the Executive Director of the UMass Center for Molecular Diagnostics. The undergraduate program in Clinical Laboratory Science (one of four B.S. programs in the department) is one of the most respected in the nation. The department also participates in two masters programs and a PhD program in Bioengineering/Biotechnology. Prof. Griffith has lectured extensively in infectious disease topics at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as nationally as a conference presenter. He is a Past President of ASCLS (American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science) and a recipient of many national professional and scientific recognitions.

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