Expert Access - Middleware: Opportunities, Potential and Issues

September 26, 2006: Jay Jones, PhD, DABCC





In the computer industry, “middleware” is a general term for any programming that serves to connect or mediate between two separate and often already existing programs. A common application of middleware is to allow programs written for access to a particular database to access other databases.


Typically, middleware programs provide messaging services so that different applications can communicate. The systematic tying together of disparate applications, often through the use of middleware, is known as enterprise application integration.


In the clinical laboratory, middleware is used to describe Decision Support Systems (DSS) residing on the departmental and/or system level within a healthcare enterprise that help link diverse applications and make them more interoperable.


Join us this month as Jay Jones, PhD, Director of Chemistry and Regional Laboratories at Geisinger Health System (Danville, PA), looks at the opportunities and potential provided through middleware applications, as well as the issues you need to understand in order to make it work.

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