September 26, 2006 Presentation: Middleware: Opportunities, Potential and Issues


Jay Jones, PhD, DABCC

Jay Jones, PhD, DABCC, Director of Chemistry and Regional Laboratories, Geisinger Health System (Danville, PA)


Dr. Jay B. Jones received his Ph.D. degree from the George Washington University in 1978 while performing research studies in Biochemistry at the National Heart Institute in Bethesda Maryland. After postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Southern California and the Georgetown University Hospital, in 1981 Dr. Jones joined the Geisinger Clinic, now the Geisinger Health System.

Since 1984 Dr. Jones has directed the formation of the Geisinger Regional Laboratory now 55 separate CLIA licensed physician office lab sites integrated on a Wide Area Network (WAN). Integrating high volume automated chemistry testing with decentralized point of care testing in a common laboratory and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) database has contributed to a standardized and efficient infrastructure.

Integrating clinical laboratory information including that derived at the point-of-care into larger clinical databases to perform data mining and clinical outcome studies is a growing interest of Dr. Jones. An avid microcomputer user, Dr. Jones has advocated client server networked solutions for numerous clinical laboratory applications.

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