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This section contains a diverse set of online resources

Specialty Resources
Organized by topic, this area contains background information, contacts, and links designed to pull together the association's resources on a particular topic. We welcome suggestions on additional topics.

Volunteer Leadership Resources 
Tools to support association leaders. Access is limited to those with current committee appointments.

Sign up for more than a dozen listservs to connect with colleagues in AACC's online community.

Clinical Laboratory Marketplace 
An online buyer's guide for clinical laboratory professionals, physicians, research scientists and others looking for systems, supplies and services for use in clinical laboratories.

Career Resources
AACC has partnered with COMACC and a job bank to assist our members with career development programs and a job bank specifically designed for the AACC community.

Lab Tests Online
Developed to educate patients about laboratory testing, this website has become a valued resource among laboratorians, physicians, and other medical professionals who need to quickly confirm their understanding of a test or to help them communicate about it with their patients.

Meeting Abstracts
Obtain abstracts of poster presentations from past AACC Annual Meetings and the Oak Ridge Conference.

Emerging Countries Program
The AACC supports educational programs and activities that promote cross
cultural opportunities for the education of laboratory personnel in Latin America thanks to a generous grant from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation. We have developed educational programs specifically for Latin American countries.

Test your Knowledge
Two mind teasers to test your knowledge in Clinical Laboratory Science and Mystery Molecules.

Archived Programs
Learn from AACC's popular Expert Access programs where experts shared their knowledge and answered questions from our members on hot topics in clinical chemistry.

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