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Reducing Blood Redraws When Testing Newborns for Direct Bilirubin4.12 MB8:59View
Evaluating a New Method to Estimate LDL-C4.29 MB9:23View
Comparing Relative Versus Absolute Change in Cardiac Troponin4.01 MB8:45View
Assessing the Utility of D-dimer Results After Craniotomy3.81 MB8:20View
Preparing for a New HIV Diagnostic Algorithm4.17 MB9:06View
Cutting Back on CD4 Cell Count Testing4.75 MB10:22View
Improving Utilization of Antinuclear Antibody Testing3.72 MB8:08View
Exploring the Role of Inflammation in Diabetic Nephropathy3.81 MB8:19View
Improving Early Detection of HIV4.29 MB9:22View
Reducing Blood Culture Contamination Rates in the Emergency Department12.4 MB15:44View
Capturing Vitamin D Variability3.78 MB8:15View
Assessing Outcomes in Massively Transfused Trauma Patients3.38 MB7:24View
Reviving the Debate on Fasting and Lipid Testing3.65 MB7:59View
Fast-tracking Definitive Diagnosis of Influenza-like Illness in the Emergency Department4.79 MB10:27View
Improving Emergency Department Triage with POCT7.628:19View
Predicting Risk of ESRD in Diabetics4.79 MB10:28View
Diagnosing Central Adrenal Insufficiency4.84 MB10:35View
Improving Lab Reports4.26 MB9:19View
Assessing the Impact of a Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia Protocol3.99MB8:42View
Improving High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin Utilization8.80 MB9:36View
Repeating IGRA Tests in Healthcare Workers4.99 MB10:55View
Refining the Role of Cystatin C in Estimating GFR7.71 MB8:25View
Evaluating a New eGFR Equation8.67 MB9.29View
Assessing CYP2C19*2 Carrier Status via POCT5.07 MB11:05View
Improving Diagnosis of Invasive Candidiasis3.83 MB8:22View
Using Total Testosterone Levels to Predict Free Testosterone4.77 MB10:25View
Assessing the Role of HbA1c in Gestational Diabetes4.8 MB10:30View
Improving the Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury6.76 MB7:23View
Investigating Discrepant C. difficile Test Results, November 10, 20114.55 MB9:57View
Assesing High-Dose B-Vitamin Therapy in Diabetes, July 8, 20104.64 MB10:08View
Assessing the Impact of Reporting eGFR4.26 MB9:19View
Looking Beyond BMI for Poor Outcomes in CAD, May 27, 20104.21 MB9:12View
Linking Hyponatremia with Adverse Outcomes, April 8, 20104.23 MB9:14View
Assessing CVD Risk in the Elderly, March 25, 20108.05 MB8:47View
Predicting Post-Treatment Prostate Cancer Outcomes, March 11, 20103.78 MB8:15View
Focusing Glycemic Control with HbA1c, February 25, 20108.52 MB9:18View
Assessing the Utility of a Highly Sensitive cTn T Assay in Stable Coronary Disease, February 11, 20104.08 MB8:54View
Improving Patient Satisfaction with the Lab, January 28, 20107.56 MB8:15View
Examining the Relationship between Cholesterol and Cancer, January 14, 20103.83 MB8:22View
Simplifying Cholesterol Screening, December 10, 20094.76 MB10:24View
Analyzing the Role of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin in Type 2 Diabetes Risk Prediction, November 24, 20094.32 MB9:26View
Screening for Bilirubin in Newborns, November 12, 20094.55 MB9:57View
Implementing D-dimer POC Testing in the Emergency Department, October 29, 20093.89 MB8:30View
Exposing the Test Results No One Sees, October 8, 20093.41 MB7:27View
Evaluating the Role of Renal Function in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Prediction, September 24, 20094.16 MB9:06View
Stretching the INR Recall Interval, September 10, 20093.58 MB7:49View
Comparing Equations for Kidney Function, August 27, 20099.92 MB10:50View
Improving NICU Platelet Transfusion Guidelines, August 13, 20093.50 MB7:38View
Rethinking Routine Urine Toxicology Screening, July 09, 20097.98 MB8:43View
Predicting Risk of Mortality Using BMP, June 25, 20093.67 MB8:01View
Moving Targets for Coronary Artery Disease, June 11, 20093.36 MB7:20View
Assessing Risk for Pancreatic Necrosis, May 28, 20093.96 MB8:39View
Rethinking Ionized Calcium Test Utilization, May 14, 20094.41 MB11:02View
Finding the Link between Vitamin B12 and Neural Tube Defects, April 30, 20094.66 MB10:11View
Investigating a New Biomarker for Medullary Thyroid Cancer, April 9, 20094.74 MB10:21View
Predicting Response to Clopidogrel, March 26, 20093.7 MB8:07View
Evaluating Stroke Biomarkers, March 12, 20093.53 MB8:50View
Understanding Arterial Stiffness, February 26, 20094.28 MB9:21View
Analyzing Free T4 in Pregnancy, February 12, 20098.65 MB9:27View
Predicting Colon Cancer Recurrence Risk, January 29, 20093.59 MB7:50View
Assessing the Role of HER-2 and EGFR Status for Breast Cancer Treatments, January 15, 20094.33 MB9:28View
Retiring CK-MB, December 11, 20088.41 MB9:11View
Catching Serious Bacterial Infections in Infants, November 26, 20084.25 MB9:17View
Screening for Wilson Disease, November 13, 20084.22 MB9:13View
Seeking a New Role for Bilirubin, October 23, 20083.23 MB8:04View
Comparing NT-proBNP Risk Stratification Strategies for Heart Failure, October 9, 20085.00 MB10:56View
Enhancing Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis, September 25, 20084.15 MB9:04View
Identifying Subclinical Heart Disease, September 11, 20083.58 MB7:50View
Lowering Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetes, August 28, 20084.41 MB9:39View
Predicting Heart Attack Risk, August 14, 20084.16 MB9:05View
Using Genetics to Gauge Lung Cancer Risk, July 10, 20084.19 MB9:10View
Relating Albumin to Heart Failure Outcome, June 26, 20083.10 MB6:47View
Measuring Lipids After ACS Could Facilitate, Therapy June 12, 20083.52 MB7:42View
Finding New Uses for an Old Assay, May 22, 20084.16 MB9:05View
Relating Thyroid Function to Body Weight, May 8, 20083.32 MB7:15View
Finding Ovarian Cancer, April 24, 20084.08 MB8:56View
Evaluating cTn in Post-operative Patients4.62 MB10:06View
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