Clinical Laboratory Strategies 2013




January 10

Predicting Risk of ESRD in Diabetics

January 24

Improving Emergency Department Triage with POCT

February 14

Fast-tracking Definitive Diagnosis of Influenza-like Illness in the Emergency Department

February 28

Reviving the Debate on Fasting and Lipid Testing

March 14

Assessing Outcomes in Massively Transfused Trauma Patients

March 28

Capturing Vitamin D Variability

April 11

Reducing Blood Culture Contamination Rates in the Emergency Department

April 25
Improving Early Detection of HIV

May 9

Exploring the Role of Inflammation in Diabetic Nephropathy

May 23

Improving Utilization of Antinuclear Antibody Testing

June 13

Cutting Back on CD4 Cell Count Testing

August 22

Preparing for a New HIV Diagnostic Algorithm

October 10 Assessing the Utility of D-dimer Results After Craniotomy
December 12 Comparing Relative Versus Absolute Change in Cardiac Troponin
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