2011 Clinical Laboratory Strategies Issues




December 8

Screening Children for Dysglycemia using Nonfasting Tests

November 22

Improving Cardiovascular Risk Prediction

November 10

Investigating Discrepant C. difficile Test Results

October 27

Anchoring POC Quality in Clinical Decision-Making

October 13

Exploring the Link between Diagnostic Blood Loss and Hospital-Acquired Anemia

September 22

Diagnosing Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia

September 8

Standardizing Estrogen Receptor Measurement

August 25

Exploring a New Marker in Kidney Disease

August 11

Implementing POC Creatinine Testing in Radiology

July 14

Using Saliva-based PCR Assays to Detect Cytomegalovirus

June 23

Predicting Progression to Kidney Failure

June 9

Evaluating BUN as a Risk Predictor in Acute Pancreatitis

May 26

Improving Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease

May 12

Examining HbA1c Ordering Patterns

April 28

Refining HbA1c Targets

April 7

Measuring NT-proBNP in Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients

March 24

Measuring Quality of Anticoagulation Therapy

March 10

Measuring Cholesterol Efflux Capacity

February 24

Predicting Risk for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

February 10

Using Tumor Enrichment Strategies for Mutation Detection

January 27

Assessing Risk for Acute Kidney Injury

January 13

Improving Chronic Kidney Disease Risk Prediction
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