2008 Clinical Laboratory Strategies Issues



December 11

Retiring CK-MB

November 26 

Catching Serious Bacterial Infections in Infants

November 13

Screening for Wilson Disease

October 23

Seeking a New Role for Bilirubin

October 9

Comparing NT-proBNP Risk Stratification Strategies for Heart Failure

September 25

Enhancing Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

September 11

Identifying Subclinical Heart Disease

August 28

Lowering Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetes

August 14

Predicting Heart Attack Risk 

July 10

Using Genetics to Gauge Lung Cancer Risk

June 26

Relating Albumin to Heart Failure Outcome

June 12 

Measuring Lipids After ACS Could Facilitate Therapy

May 22

Finding New Uses for an Old Assay

May 8  

Relating Thyroid Function to Body Weight

April 24 

Finding Ovarian Cancer

March 27

Linking Triglycerides to Recurrent Coronary Risk

March 13 Expanding Cystatin C’s Use in the Elderly
February 28 Predicting Short-term Mortality from Nontraditional Factors
February 14 Searching for New Cardiac Markers: Will MCP-1 Prove Useful?
January 23      Predicting Long-term Mortality After ACS: A Role for H-FABP?
January 10 Screening for Mild Cushing’s Syndrome
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