2007 Clinical Laboratory Strategies Issues



December 13

Diagnosing Prostate Cancer in Obese Men

November 29            

Looking at Maternal Lipid Levels

November 8

Finding a Biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease

October 11

Evaluating Lipid Measures

September 13

Coming to a Consensus on HbA1c Measurement

August 30

Genetic Research on CVD: AHA Statement Calls for Better Coordination

August 9

Going Outside the Guidelines

July 12

Linking Phosphorus with CVD Risk

June 28

Elevated Uric Acid: Could It Be Part of the Metabolic Syndrome?

June 14

Expanding the Role of MPO Testing

May 31

Screening for Aneuploidy: What Are the New Recommendations?

May 10

Increasing Specificity to Reduce Prostate Biopsies

April 26

Improving the Use of Cancer Biomarkers

April 12

Understanding the Pathology Before Pre-Diabetes

March 29

Predicting Cardiovascular Risk in Women: The Reynolds Risk Score

March 8

Distinguishing Sepsis from Systemic Inflammation

Febrary 22       

Targeting Depression Treatment to Genotype: Does it Work?

February 8

Pushing Predictive Power

January 25

Taking Aim at Accuracy

January 11

Troponin’s Prognostic Potential Underscores Need for More Sensitive Assays and Cutpoint Clarification

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