2006 Clinical Laboratory Strategies Issues



December 14 Going Against the Guidelines: High Rates of PSA Screening Persist Among Elderly Men
November 30 Questioning LDL Cholesterol Targets: Where is the Evidence for Ultra Low Goals?
November 9 Detecting Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer: A Futile Attempt?
October 26 Defining Cholesterol Cutoff Values for Adolescents
October 12 Predicting the Return of Early Stage Lung Cancer
September 28 Detecting Early Breast Cancer
Study of Ultrasensitive Immunoassay Method Shows Promise
September 14 Increasing Awareness of Urine Albumin Testing:
Health Officials Call for More Widespread Testing, Especially Among Diabetic Patients
August 31 More Newborn Screening Tests, More False Positives
August 10 Diagnosing Diabetes: In Defense of the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
June 29 Targeting the Early Days of Type 2 Diabetes by Measuring RBP4
June 8 Eliminating Delays in Critical Value Reporting
May 25 Improving Patient Safety Through Risk Management: Part II.
May 11 Improving Patient Safety Through Risk Management
April 27 Assessing Cancer Risk: Beyond the BRCA Test.
April 13 Increasing the Sensitivity of Protein Detection
March 30 Using Leftover Specimens for Diagnostic Clinical Trials 
March 9 Condemining CMS Code Limits Initiative: Lab and Pathology Groups Speak Out Against 'Medically Unbelievable Edits'.
February 23 Guiding Pharmacogenetic and Genetic Tests: FDA's New Guidance Document.
February 9 Flu Watch: CDC Outlines H5N1 Testing Guidelines for Labs.
January 27 Advent of Blood Substitutes Raises Testing Interference Questions.
January 12 Personalized Medicine: Pushing Forward.
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