2005 Clinical Laboratory Strategies Issues



December 8 HCV RNA Testing: A Role in Preventing HCV Transmission to Transplant Patients?
November 23 Newborn Screening Shortfalls; Are some Disorders Being Missed?
November 10 Tightening the TSH Range: What Should Be Considered Normal?
October 27 Clues for Detecting Asbestos-Related Cancers: New Research Suggests a Promising Biomarker for Mesothelioma.
October 13 Eye of the Storm: Emergency Plans are Put to the Test.
September 29 BRCA Screening: Increased Testing, Increased Harm?
September 8 Predicting Adverse Events After Coronary Intervention: A New Role for an Old Standby?
August 25 Combating Lab Errors by Mandating Open Dialogue.
August 11 Test Results Delivered after Hospital Discharge are Cause for Patient Safety Concern.
July 14 New Diagnostic Tools to Assess Stroke Risk: A Look at the Single vs. Multimarker Approach.
June 30 Measuring Lab Testing Quality: What Indicators Make Sense?
June 9 Harmonizing PSA Testing: What's the Right Standard?
May 26 Arterial Blood Gas Analysis and the Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis.
May 12 Before the Nick of Time: Evaluating NGAL as a Biomarker for Acute Renal Failure.
April 28 Choosing the Right HCV Assay: How Does Patient Population Affect the Choice?
April 14 Managing Alternative Specimen Types: How Clinical Labs are Dealing with Billing, Validating, and Other Common Headaches.
March 31 Plotting Bilirubin Levels in Newborns: How Labs are Wrestling with IT Barriers to Target Severe Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia.
March 10 Bringing Genetic and Molecular Testing In-House: How Can a Small Lab Do It?
February 24 Searching for the Magic Bullet: Is Procalcitonin the Key Sepsis Biomarker?
February 10 New Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunction Guidelines Highlight Screening.
January 27 CRP Watch: Pondering Predictability.
January 13 A Look at Lab Trends in 2005 and Beyond: Views from Four Clinical Laboratory Professionals; Reimbursement 2005: What to Expect in the Coming Year; What's Coming in Point-of-Care Testing.
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