May 2011 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 37, Number 5

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Trends in Recruitment and Retention
How Can Labs Thrive Despite the Staffing Shortage?
By Bill Malone

While laboratorians have been dealing with staffing shortages for years, many have found that they can attract and retain staff by emphasizing professional development and team-oriented management approaches. Others are tackling their long-term staffing problems by investing in the education of the next generation of workers. 

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International Recruiting

Agencies Try to Make Transition Seamless for Labs

Beyond Breathalyzers
What Clinical Niche Will Breath Tests Fill?
By Genna Rollins

With robust research underway on many fronts, experts say breath-based testing is poised to find a solid place in clinical practice.

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Additional References on Breath Testing


Bloodstream Pathogens
Rapid Identification using PNA FISH
By Donna M. Wolk, PhD, DABMM, and Linda D. Hilbert

Early and appropriate antimicrobial therapy is vital to the outcome of patients infected with blood stream pathogens. Compared to traditional microbiology methods, PNA FISH provides more timely and definitive results, giving clinical labs using this method an excellent opportunity to improve patient care.


IOM Proposes New Thresholds for Vitamin D


Patentability of Diagnostic Method Claims
New Court Ruling is Good News for Manufacturers, but for How Long?
By Brian S. Sun, Esq. 

A recent Federal Circuit Court ruling in favor of patent eligibility of diagnostic applications based on the machine or transformation test was good news for diagnostic manufacturers. But further arguments in the Supreme Court regarding patent claims could be on the horizon.



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Updated Diabetes Testing Guidelines for Labs