March 2011 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 37, Number 3

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The State of Sepsis Care
Will Gains from Guideline Compliance Trump Procalcitonin?
By Genna Rollins

Delivering on improved sepsis outcomes requires tight coordination of healthcare teams. Find out how labs are participating as integral members of hospitals’ sepsis response teams and learn which lab tests are essential for reducing patient mortality. 

Privacy in the Era of EHRs
What’s the Lab’s Responsibility?
By Bill Malone

Beginning this year, physicians and hospitals can begin cashing in on government incentives for deploying EHRs. Regulators have made it clear that lab data is a critical component; however, laboratorians will have to be aware of exactly how their data are used to avoid privacy pitfalls.

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AACC Members Respond to Healthcare Reform
Survey Finds Mixed Bag of Angst, Approval, and Uncertainty


Fecal Occult Blood Tests
Life Savers or Outdated Colorectal Screening Tools?
By Callum G Fraser, PhD

Fecal tests, particularly those that detect occult blood, remain a favored screening modality for colorectal cancer. This article discusses the pros and cons of both traditional and newer fecal occult blood testing from a laboratory professional’s point of view.


High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Go Untreated 


AACC’s Expert Access
Unexpected Test Results: The Effects of Herbal Remedies
Each month, AACC’s Expert Access Live Online Program features a different hot topic. Read excerpts from a Q&A with Amitava Dasgupta, PhD, DABCC, about unexpected laboratory test results and the effects of herbal remedies.


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