June 2011 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 37, Number 6

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Diabetes Direction
NACB Guideline Update Captures Latest Evidence, Thought
By Genna Rollins

The field of diabetology has been very active during the past decade. The new NACB laboratory medicine practice guidelines reflect the latest evidence on topics such as new definitions for gestational diabetes and albuminuria, and use of HbA1c for diagnosis.

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Diabetes Guidelines Development Process


The ICD-10 Transition
What Should Labs Expect?
By Bill Malone

Experts are urging all healthcare providers, including labs, to prepare well ahead of time for the new ICD-10 diagnosis code system or face dire consequences. As it is, labs already cope with coaxing physicians to use correct ICD-9 diagnosis codes on lab orders—a must for proper reimbursement. But with the launch of ICD-10, labs can expect physicians to be confused and possible delays from payers.

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ICD-10 Readiness Assessment Questions for Vendors and Providers


Newborn Screening
The Tandem Mass Spectrometry Revolution
By Suzanne T. Kotkin-Jaszi, DrPH and John E. Sherwin, PhD

Tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) now provides a cost-effective solution to screen newborns for multiple inborn errors of metabolism. Find out how public health screening programs are using this technology and why it’s vital for clinical lab professionals to understand its nuances.


Cancer-related Deaths on the Decline 


Who Owns Newborn Screening Samples?
Murky State Laws Threaten to Hinder Research using Residual Blood Spots
By Genna Rollins 
Residual newborn screening samples hold a mostly untapped wealth of genetic information, but state laws threaten to limit the potential use of this data for research purposes.


2011 AACC Annual Meeting Preview
Find out more about the 2011 Annual Meeting in our preview, including a look at the plenary speakers, exhibitors at the Clinical Lab Expo, and special AACC Division events.


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