September 2011 Clinical Laboratory News: Industry Profiles

Industry Profiles

Mayo Clinic Licenses Qiagen’s TB Technology

Mayo Clinic has licensed patent rights from Qiagen that will allow Mayo Medical Laboratories to offer an M. tuberculosis complex speciation test. The new test will involve polymerase chain reaction and use fluorescence-resonance, energy-transfer hybridization probes for detection. The test expands Mayo Medical Laboratories’ current offering for tuberculosis testing, which already includes M. tuberculosis complex culture, molecular identification, and drug susceptibility testing. 

OraSure Technologies to Buy DNA Genotek

OraSure Technologies, Inc. has inked a deal to purchase DNA Genotek Inc., a leading provider of oral-fluid sample collection, stabilization, and preparation products for molecular diagnostic applications, for $53 million in cash. The deal is designed to strengthen OraSure’s presence in the oral-fluid diagnostics sector by providing the company with a complementary portfolio of products that enable easy and reliable collection, stabilization, transportation, and storage of high-quality nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) samples. The acquisition is expected to be completed during the third quarter of this year. 

Roche Buys mtm laboratories to Expand Cervical Cancer Testing Capabilities

Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. a member of the Roche Group has signed an agreement to acquire mtm laboratories, an in vitro diagnostics company with a focus on early detection and diagnosis of cervical cancer, for up to $269 million. The deal is designed to increase Roche’s presence in the cervical cancer testing market. “As a result of the acquisition, Roche will have a comprehensive portfolio for cervical cancer testing from cytological screening to histological diagnosis, and will be able to provide previously unavailable levels of medical value to gynecologists and patients worldwide,” said Daniel O’Day, COO of Roche Diagnostics.

Siemens and JEOL Ink Deal Co-Develop Advanced Clinical Chemistry Platforms

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and JEOL have signed a new strategic agreement to design, manufacture, and distribute new advanced clinical chemistry platforms for the global clinical laboratory market. The 10-year deal also extends an existing Siemens-JEOL relationship aimed at enhancing current systems within Siemens’ clinical chemistry portfolio. The collaboration is targeted at mid- to high-volume laboratories. “Our new partnership combines the strengths of two leading diagnostic companies whose joint expertise offers best-in-class solutions for the laboratory, and we look forward to expanding the clinical utility of these solutions cooperatively,” said Gon-Emon Kurihara, president of JEOL.

Quest and Genomic Vision Forge Partnership for Genome-based Tests

Quest Diagnostics and Genomic Vision, a biotechnology company that develops molecular diagnostics, have finalized a multi-year strategic agreement involving Genomic Vision’s proprietary molecular combing genomic-analysis technology. The deal gives Quest Diagnostics exclusive rights to develop and offer clinical and research-use laboratory testing services based on Genomic Vision’s molecular combing technique in the U.S., India, and Mexico. “Genomic Vision’s DNA combing technology is a potential game changer in genomic analysis,” said Jay G. Wohlgemuth, MD, vice president of science and innovation at Quest Diagnostics. Genomic Vision will retain rights to market new testing services that emerge from the collaboration’s research and development in Europe.

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