September 2011 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 37, Number 9

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Big Changes Coming to Molecular Dx Reimbursement
Will New Codes Affect More than Just Billing?
By Bill Malone

After more than a decade of confusion over how molecular tests should be coded and reimbursed, a new coding system promises to add greater transparency and uniformity. But just how the government will handle the transition to the new system could have
far-reaching consequences for labs.

The MRSA Challenge
Which is Better: Targeted or Universal Surveillance?
By Genna Rollins

Recent studies show that MRSA rates are declining, but experts caution that it is still a formidable pathogen that requires a concerted team effort to control. The science around surveillance methods is evolving, leaving labs and hospitals with several options and no one best approach.


Is Ionized Calcium Always Right and Total Calcium Always Wrong?
By John G. Toffaletti, PhD, DABCC

Labs measure total calcium more frequently than ionized calcium because it’s more convenient to measure. But monitoring patients’ calcium status is not straightforward and depends on using equations to arrive at the value.


Colorectal Cancer Screening Rate Remains Low


Lab Tests Online Mobile App
Put Test Information in the Palm of Your Hand

Lab Tests Online celebrated its 10th year online by launching a mobile app for Apple and Android phones and tablets at the 2011 Annual Meeting.


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