Expo Issue 2011

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Tackling the Obesity Epidemic
Speakers Bring Together Research, Policy, and Praxis
By Bill Malone

The prognosis for the nation is bad and getting worse as obesity takes its toll on the health of adults and children. Lab tests will play an increasingly central role in monitoring the health effects of being overweight.


A Record-Breaking 2011 Clinical Lab Expo Kicks Off Today
Forecasts Show IVD Market Primed for Growth
By Bill Malone

Roughly 700 exhibitors will fill nearly 2,000 booths to spotlight their new products and services at this year’s Clinical Lab Expo. This record-breaking Expo is a clear indicator that the in vitro diagnostics market remains robust and faces a strong future.


The Genetic Testing Revolution
Symposium Features Fast-advancing Technology Full of Promise, Challenges
By Genna Rollins

Genetic testing is poised to revolutionize clinical practice and laboratory medicine. Laboratorians will play a pivotal role not only in implementing these technologies but also in helping providers understand the complex informatics they generate and in addressing many issues related to their use.


On the Road to cTnI Standardization
Session Highlights Challenges in Standardization, Harmonization
By Genna Rollins

The process of standardizing cardiac troponin I, like that of other heterogeneous, low-concentration proteins, has been fraught with many challenges. However, an international working group of laboratorians has made significant progress towards standardizing this critical biomarker for assessing acute coronary syndrome.

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