August 2011 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 37, Number 8

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30 Years of HIV/AIDS
When will Routine Testing Become a Reality?
By Bill Malone

Even as advances in treatment and testing have dramatically improved the length and quality of life for people with HIV, at least 20% are unaware of their positive status. In response, healthcare providers have been working hard at refining the implementation of the 2006 CDC recommendation for non-targeted HIV screening of all patients age 13–64 in healthcare settings.

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CDC HIV Screening Initiative
At the Crossroads of Antiplatelet Therapy and Surgery
What’s the Role of Platelet Function Testing in the Timing of Procedures?
By Genna Rollins

Although antiplatelet therapy is a well-established tool for managing patients with cardiovascular disease, less is known about the window for discontinuing antiplatelet therapy prior to surgery. Based on guidelines and emerging evidence, clinicians now are beginning to incorporate platelet function testing into protocols for determining the optimal time for surgery for each patient.

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Antiplatelet Therapy Literature Resources


Update on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
By Susan Maynard, PhD, FACB

Advancements in therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressants are allowing labs to play an increasingly important role in improving the long-term survival of transplant patients.

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Cross Reactivity of Tacrolimus and Sirolimus Major Metabolites


Prevalence of Childhood Food Allergies Worsens


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