Clinical Laboratory News 2010: Annual Meeting Dailies

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AACC Launches Emerging Countries Initiative
Wallace H. Coulter Foundation Gift Funds New Programs
By Bill Malone


AACC’s new emerging countries program funded by a special gift from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation is designed to use the association’s educational expertise to bring high-quality programs to countries with limited resources. The program’s launch will focus on Latin America.

Leadership in Changing Times
Management Sessions Highlight Communication, Motivational Strategies
By Genna Rollins


AACC’s Management Science Division recognizes the need to further explore topics such as communications, change management, and improved productivity. This year’s annual meeting brings this type of programming to the forefront and reinforces the importance of management issues and their impact on the clinical lab.


Clinical Lab Expo Opens Today
Esoteric Testing Fueling Industry Growth
By Genna Rollins


This year’s expo is the AACC’s largest to date with more than 650 exhibitors and 1,900 booths. Exhibitors from 26 countries and every continent except Antarctica have descended on Anaheim to take part in the world’s largest trade show dedicated entirely to the clinical diagnostics industry.

Spotlight on AACC Divisions
Our 14 Communities Offer Ample Opportunities This Week to Network, Learn
By Genna Rollins


AACC’s Divisions offer a variety of specialized programs during the annual meeting and ample opportunities for networking with other attendees. Find out what  makes these communities a vital part of AACC.


Government Affairs and the Lab
Annual Healthcare Forum Delivers for Labs Under Pressure
By Bill Malone


One of the most highly attended sessions every year, the AACC/ASCLS Healthcare Forum  offers insight into the efforts of lab advocates who work side-by-side with Congress and regulators. The forum serves as an annual wrap-up of government activities that affect labs and gives attendees the opportunity to ask hard-hitting questions and hear from government officials and lobbyists.

International Travel Grants
Bringing Laboratorians Together to Share Knowledge
By Nancy Sasavage, PhD


With the help of many generous donors, AACC’s Van Skye Foundation (VSF)  has help fund travel to Anaheim this week for 23 laboratorians from underserved areas of the world.  Several grant winners share their thoughts on what it means to be here.

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