February 2010 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 36, Number 2

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An Optimistic Outlook for the Diagnostic Market
What Will it Take to Succeed in a New Business Environment?
By Bill Malone


IVD manufacturers have weathered the last two years of economic turmoil. Now companies are looking forward to faster growth, but at the same time they are under higher pressure to prove that new tests are worth paying for.

Emerging Biomarkers for Acute Kidney Injury
Is There a Winner in the Offing?
By Genna Rollins


Long-sought biomarkers for acute kidney injury are closer than ever to becoming reality. Their emergence offers the possibility of earlier diagnosis, risk prediction, drug development, and monitoring for this increasingly common condition.


Prediction, Diagnosis, and Management Beyond Proteinuria and Hypertension
By Darci R. Block, PhD, and Amy K. Saenger, PhD


Despite the seriousness of the disorder, relatively little is known about the causes of preeclampsia and how to monitor this disease. The lab could become increasing important in determining the risk for developing preeclampsia, as new biomarkers become available for earlier detection.


ADA Endorses HBA1c for Diabetes Diagnosis


Expanding Role of the Clinical Lab in Infectious Disease Testing


In this excerpt from AACC’s Expert Access Online, Denise L. Uetwiller-Geiger, PhD, answers questions about current trends in infectious disease testing.

AACC Expands Global Patient Education Network
Lab Tests Online Now Available in China and France 


AACC recently unveiled Chinese and French versions of Lab Tests Online, greatly expanding the reach of this award-winning website.


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