October 2010 Clinical Laboratory News: 2010 AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo Set New Records

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October 2010: Volume 36, Number 10

2010 AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo Set New Records

Convention center

What a week! The setting could not have been more perfect for the 2010 AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo. Beautiful southern California weather contributed to the sunny atmosphere for attendees and exhibitors who filled the Anaheim Convention Center, July 25–29, to exchange ideas, learn new clinical concepts, and view the latest in clinical laboratory products.

With signs of the economy coming out the recession, the meeting surpassed all previous AACC records. The total numbers of attendees for the first time exceeded 20,000, and the Clinical Lab Expo was officially AACC’s largest ever with almost 2,000 booths and more than 700 companies exhibiting.

With so many companies displaying the newest products for labs, it’s hard to do justice to the Expo. Featured here are highlights from the five largest IVD manufacturers.

Expo registration
People lined up early in the Anaheim Convention Center 
to get a chance to visit the world’s largest exposition 
of clinical lab products under one roof.

Roche Launches Interactive Lab Design Tool, New Analyzer

Roche Diagnostics showcased a diverse portfolio of diagnostic testing solutions along with new technology to help labs plan for the future. The booth featured the launch of Roche’s high-tech DreamLab display, an interactive program that provided lab professionals with the opportunity to design their ideal labs. Visitors were given the chance to custom-design analyzer systems, right down to the module configuration, reagent channels, and system throughputs to help identify the most successful solutions for their own labs. Roche also featured an array of new technologies for laboratory and point-of-care testing, including integrated clinical chemistry and immunoassay analyzer platforms, and chemistry, immunoassay, and molecular diagnostic tests. One of Roche’s featured new products, the cobas 8000 analyzer, is designed for labs processing more than two million clinical and immunoassay tests per year. The system consists of four analytical chemistry/immunoassay modules that can be configured into 24 different combinations to fit the needs of a wide variety of testing platforms. For POCT, visitors got to see the newest member of the CoaguChek XS family of meters, the CoaguChek XS Pro system, and the ACCU-CHEK Inform II blood glucose monitoring system (pending clearance). The new CoaguChek has a bar code reader and provides test results from 8 µL of blood in about 1 minute, and the ACCU-CHEK features wired and wireless communication to lab information systems.

Beckman Coulter Offers Expanded Portfolio of Lab Solutions

Beckman Coulter displayed a wide array of lab systems and automation, featuring the now fully integrated Olympus product line. The company also highlighted more ways to improve lab performance. Expo visitors got a firsthand look at the AU480 and AU690 chemistry systems, plus a preview of the AU5840 (pending clearance). This latest analyzer in the AU series represents the fastest AU analyzer ever designed. It will be available in four different scalable models, positioned for the very high to ultra high test volume segments. Also in advance showing was the DxH 300 Coulter cellular analysis system and UniCel DxH Slidemaker Stainer (both pending clearance). Other product introductions included the AU PowerCel, a space conscious automation line for medium to large size laboratories. Beckman Coulter’s workshops, led by industry and company experts, focused on insight into current laboratory trends and methods to maximize productivity.

Floor shot
The wide variety of products for clinical laboratories 
attracted record-breaking numbers of attendees 
to this year’s AACC Clinical Lab Expo.

Abbott Features Advances in HIV Testing, Platform Upgrades

Amid an array of analyzers, Abbott featured the launch of a first-of-its-kind HIV test that can detect the disease faster than ever before. Abbott’s newly FDA approved Architect HIV Antigen/Antibody Combo Assay is a novel diagnostic tool that can detect infection days earlier than other antibody-only tests currently used in the U.S. because the test can identify both HIV antigens and antibodies. The company also introduced a recently cleared molecular assay for identification of two common sexually transmitted diseases, chlamydia and gonorrhea. Abbott’s ARCHITECTPLUS enhanced family of immunochemistry analyzers was also showcased. The upgraded system includes features that will help labs streamline operations. In workshops sponsored by Abbott, experts spoke on the future of HIV testing, the role of the laboratory in management of acutely ill patients, and transforming laboratory operations with six sigma quality, informatics, and automation.

Convention booth
AACC’s Clinical Lab Expo featured more than 700 exhibitors, 
giving attendees a first-hand look at all the newest lab analyzers.

OCD Unveils New Products and Services

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics’ booth focused on maximizing laboratory productivity by showcasing the company’s latest additions to menu and process solutions. The company featured demonstrations of what true integration by design can do for laboratories by introducing two new Vitros systems, as well as how more than 550 blood banks in the U.S. have automated using Ortho ProVue analyzers. OCD also launched a new initiative highlighting personal stories from Vitros customers. Highlighted services included OCD’s e-Connectivity Technology and Remote Monitoring Centers. During the in-booth presentations, speakers described several case studies and laboratory experiences aimed at supporting the value of their products and services. The case studies included an in-depth look at assays, the value of technical support services, and laboratory LEAN implementations.

Rep and attendee
In 2011, the AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo 
will be held in Atlanta, Ga., July 24–28.

Siemens Showcases Broad Array of Diagnostic Solutions

Siemens displayed a wide range of new products, services and solutions designed to meet the growing needs of clinical laboratories. Under the theme, “The Power of Possibilities,” the exhibit featured customized diagnostic solutions that were designed to give customers a competitive edge. Siemens introduced a number of new and innovative instruments and automation solutions, as well as assays. Highlights include the CLINITEK Status Connect System, a point-of-care instrument. In conjunction with the Multistix family of urinalysis test strips, CLINITEK provides flexible connectivity, data integration and operational control to reduce risk in POC testing environments. The LabPro Information Manager, a single database and interface connection for multi-user access, expands microbiology data analysis and reporting capabilities. Forty new analyte specific reagents for allergen testing have been added to the IMMULITE test menu, and assays for the Dimension systems now include an automated immunosuppressive drug panel and myeloperoxidase. Siemens also hosted several educational presentations, which focused on process management, vitamin D assessment, procalcitonin monitoring, parathyroid hormone standardization, healthcare reform, and allergy testing.

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