March 2009 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 35, Number 3

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Should This Test Be Ordered?
Evolving Technology, Evidence, Require Close Laboratorian-Clinician Ties
By Gina Rollins


The number and type of tests are increasing, along with evidence about their accuracy and use, making testing and treatment choices challenging. Guideline development and close laboratorian-clinician ties are keys to navigating the testing maze.

Certifying Excellence
How Board Exams Position Laboratorians on the Cutting Edge 

By Bill Malone


Board certification has helped laboratorians carve out a unique role in medicine. As the field evolves, laboratorians can leverage their knowledge to expand the scope and value of their discipline.


Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome
Successful Diagnosis and Management of  E. coli 0157:H7
By William M. Janda, PhD, DABMM


Infections of enterohemorrhagic E.coli strains, predominantly serotype 0157:H7, can be fatal especially for children. But other causes of diarrhea-associated, hemolytic-uremic syndrome exist. Lab tests play a key role in successful diagnosis and management of the illness.


AACC Advises Labs to Report Estimated Average Glucose


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