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Thermo Scientific Specialty Diagnostic

CEDIAC® Mycophenolic Acid Immunoassay 

The newest addition to the ISD immunoassay reagent kits is the Thermo Scientific CEDIA Mycophenolic Acid (MPA) assay, used for the quantitative measurement of mycophenolic acid in human plasma. With a variety of clinical chemistry analyzer applications, this in vitro diagnostic test can be used as an aide in the management of mycophenolic acid therapy in renal and cardiac transplant patients. Based on recombinant DNA technology to produce a unique homogeneous enzyme immunoassay, this assay uses the enzyme β-galactosidase that has been genetically engineered. 

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Sera-Mag Streptavidin Blocked Particles*

The newly launched Thermo Scientific Sera-Mag® SpeedBeadsTM Magnetic Streptavidin-Blocked particles are designed specifically for proteomic applications. Blocked streptavidin-coated particles are uniform, colloidally stable, monodispersed, non-porous superparamagnetic beads made by a proprietary core-shell method. The core is acarboxylate-modified particle made by free-radical emulsion polymerization of styrene and acid monomer. Magnetite (Fe3O4) is coated onto this core particle and then encapsulated with propriety polymers. Finally, the surface is blocked using a proprietary method to help prevent nonspecific binding of proteins. *For research use only.

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LabLink Daily QC Module

The LabLink™ Daily QC Module, part of the Thermo Scientific LabLink xL QAP system, provides the ability to monitor internal day-to-day QC performance in addition to comparisons against a worldwide peer group. The LabLink Daily Module utilizes 100% web-based browser technology to evaluate QC results against Westgard Rules and locally defined performance ranges. Utilization of the LabLink xL Communicator provides the additional option to upload electronic QC results into the LabLink Daily Module for simplified QC data handling and review.

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Tosoh BioScience Inc.

AIA-2000 Automated Immunoassay Analyzer*

The AIA-2000 Automated Immunoassay Analyzer is the latest advancement in immunoassay testing from Tosoh Bioscience. With a throughput of 200 tests per hour, the AIA-2000 provides all the speed and flexibility necessary to excel in high-volume laboratory testing environments. Expanded functionality has been added to the system, improving workflow and increasing walk away time. Features include a new easy-to-load hybrid sorter, allowing the user to load up to 960 tests (48 trays). User-friendly software makes the advanced operation of the AIA-2000 simple and intuitive. As with all Tosoh AIA systems, the AIA-2000 uses Tosoh’s patented Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology. *Pending FDA clearance.

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TREK Diagnostic System 

Vizion® System

The Vizion® System is a digital imaging device for Sensititre® susceptibility plates that interfaces with the SWIN® Software program. The system provides microbiology laboratories with an easy method to test all organisms that automated microbiology instruments cannot handle. Combined with Sensititre MIC plates, the Vizion System is the only complete system that offers laboratories the ability to consolidate all susceptibility testing methods onto a single platform. The MIC plate image is projected onto a touch screen with the complete drug format overlaid on it. Touching or clicking the MIC well gives technologists instant feedback. The images can be stored for later review. The Vizion System enhances workflow, saves technician time, expedites decision making, and eliminates transcription errors, all leading to better patient care.

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Vital Diagnostics

Eon 100 Chemistry Analyzer*

The Eon™ 100 Chemistry Analyzer from Vital Diagnostics puts the features of a floor model in a compact, space-saving, fully automated bench top analyzer. The Eon™ 100 performs up to 180 tests per hour with ISE, making it a perfect fit for low-volume clinical laboratories, STAT labs, or as a backup analyzer for larger labs. The Eon™ 100 is a random access analyzer that delivers cost and time savings to your laboratory with low reagent consumption, reusable cuvettes, positive barcode identification for samples and reagents, easy-to-use software, and low maintenance. The Eon™ 100 combines low cost of operation, reliability, and the high-quality results that your laboratory requires. *In development.

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W.L. Gore & Associates  

5µm Medical Membrane

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., a world leader in supplying high-performing specialized venting and filtration media to medical device manufacturers announces the new 5µm GORE™ Medical Membrane. This unique expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane is characterized by a great combination of flow and retention properties, providing up to five times the airflow of other 5µm membranes. Further surface treatment enables the 5µm GORE™ Medical Membrane to deliver unmatched performance over a broad range of fluids. The high-performing 5µm GORE™ Medical Membrane enables manufacturers to design devices that improve processes, with increased filtration, while maintaining sample integrity.

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Adsorbent Filter

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., a world leader in supplying high-performing specialized filtration products to manufacturers announces the new GORE™ Adsorbent Filter. This fully integrated solution combines an activated adsorption module with our proprietary, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes to deliver the best combination of adsorption, high airflow and liquid resistance. The ePTFE enables gas transmission, equalizing pressure reducing the potential for device failure while protecting against contaminates. Adsorption media tailored to your application enables control of moisture as well as noxious and toxic vapors. GORE™ Adsorbent Filters are available in multiple shapes and sizes and feature one-step installation.

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Waters Corporation

MassTrak Amino Acid Analysis Solution*

The Waters MassTrak™ Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) Solution is the first UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC) system to combine Waters ACQUITY® UPLC® technology with Waters patented AccQTag™ derivatization chemistry for performing amino acid analysis on urine and plasma samples in a research setting. The system is pre-configured with the required instrumentation, methods, chemistries, mobile phases, standards and consumables and is capable of separating as many as 42 physiological amino acids in less than 35 minutes. The MassTrak AAA Solution is a total solution optimized for reliable and reproducible analysis of physiological amino acids using liquid chromatography with tunable UV detection. *For research use only.

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MassTrak Immunosuppressants XE RUO Kit

Waters is pleased to introduce its groundbreaking MassTrak Immunosuppressant XE RUO Kit designed for quantifying the immunosuppressant drugs tacrolimus, everolimus, cyclosporin A and sirolimus in research-use only applications. This introduction helps make a difference in the clinical research laboratory by providing robust methods that have demonstrable reliability, reproducibility, accuracy and precision backed by the Waters Clinical Service team. The solution adds to the MassTrak portfolio and bolsters Waters commitment to solve a variety of challenges in the clinical laboratory, helping to deliver quality results in a cost-effective manner. *For research use only.

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MassTrak Vitamin D Solution*

Waters MassTrak™ 25-Hydroxyvitamin D (25-OH-D) Solution is designed to minimize constraints imposed by manual assays in research-use-only applications. The combination of a robotic liquid handling system together with Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) and tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) creates a system low in maintenance and high in throughput. The sample tracking capability from primary tube to processed results provides complete traceability. The solution provides quantification of both 25-OH-D3 and 25-OH-D2 in research uses to generate a processed result providing a ‘total’ concentration, combined with a confirmatory ion ratio for complete confidence in acquired data. *For research use only.

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Whatman, Part of GE Healthcare


Whatman Klari-Flex™ is a novel bottle-top filter designed for filter sterilization of cell culture media. The design greatly improves efficiency, ease of use, and minimizes the risk of spills and contamination. Klari-Flex design eliminates the requirement to connect and disconnect the vacuum line each time a new unit is used. The vacuum is permanently connected to the Klari-Flex stand. The filtration unit is simply placed on the stand. The filter unit automatically couples to the vacuum line without further intervention by the user. Once the filtration is completed the filter unit is simply lifted off and a new unit placed in the stand. *For research use only.

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Wheaton Science Packaging

CRIMPenstein Electric Crimper/Decrimper

The Wheaton CRIMPenstein’s advanced ergonomic design was especially engineered to improve the productivity and efficiency of your crimping and decrimping operations while reducing hand fatigue. This AC powered unit is lightweight and provides fast consistent results with the single push of a button. The adjustable jaw action intensity, along with the interchangeable jaw sets from Crimper to Decrimper in 8, 11, 13, and 20mm sizes, offer an economic and flexible option to meet your crimping/decrimping needs.

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