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Streck, Inc.

UA-Cellular for IQ

UA-Cellular™ for IQ is Streck’s micro urinalysis control designed specifically for the Iris Diagnostics iQ® automated urine analyzers. UA-Cellular for IQ contains componentsepithelial cells and crystals. The product is contained in convenient 120-mL squeeze bottles with a flip-top cap dispenser that accurately allots the exact amount of control needed into sample tubes without waste. UA-Cellular for IQ offers an open-vial stability of 30 days and a closed-vial stability of 105 days.

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CD4 Count

CD4 Count is Streck’s assayed, whole-blood quality control for verifying the accuracy of the BD FACSCount™ flow cytometer. The easy-to-read assay includes absolute counts and percent positive ratios on the cellular populations of CD3, CD4, and CD8 T-lymphocytes. CD4 count is available in two levels of control material. The normal level provides a normal CD4 count, which is found in healthy individuals, and the low level provides a depressed CD4 count, which is monitored by clinicians for HIV/AIDS disease progression and therapy decision making.

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Cell-Free DNA BCT*

Cell-Free DNA™ BCT is Streck’s 10-mL, direct-draw, blood collection tube for the preservation of cell-free plasma DNA. The proprietary stabilizing reagent in Cell-Free DNA BCT prevents the release of cellular genomic DNA and inhibits nuclease activity, enabling the long-term preservation of cell-free DNA in plasma. Samples collected in Cell-Free DNA BCT require minimal sample manipulation and are stable for 14 days at room temperature, allowing shipping and sample processing. Intended for clinical research, drug discovery, and diagnostic assay development. *For research use only.

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ESR-Auto Plus®

The newly-redesigned Streck ESR-Auto Plus automated sed-rate analyzer offers >98% correlation to the modified Westergren method. The instrument measures up to 10 1.2-mL ESR-vacuum tubes in 30 minutes and features random access, a built-in printer, and barcode scanner for positive sample identification. A quick and easy alternative to manual tests, the ESR-Auto Plus stores up to 300 patient results and 100 QC samples per level for easy retrieval and analysis and may be interfaced with an LIS. Safety-coated ESR-vacuum tubes are available for the ESR-Auto Plus for laboratories with concerns about glass breakage in the laboratory.

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Leuko Preserve

Leuko Preserve is a preservative for the stabilization of residual white blood cells in leuko-reduced red blood cell samples. Residual white blood cells are stable for up to 7 days following leuko-reduction, allowing flexibility in the leuko-reduction quality control process that may be necessary due to sample transport, sample backlog, or flow cytometer downtime. Leuko Preserve is intended for use with commercially available kits for detecting and enumerating rWBCs by flow cytometric analysis.

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STaK-Chex® Plus Retics

STaK-Chex® Plus Retics is the first fully-integrated control on the market for Beckman Coutler instruments—a 5-part WBC differential control, automated retic control and a nucleated red blood cell control all in one. Customers can replace up to three separate controls because STaK-Chex Plus Retics is able to analyze these parameters with a single run. STaK-Chex Plus Retics provides stable and consistent values throughout the 14-day open-vial and 105-day closed-vial dating, providing customers with confidence that their instrument is reporting accurate patient results. The 4.5mL pierceable cap vial is barcoded and compatible with all instruments. An assay disk is also available.

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CodeLink® Activated Microarray Slides* 

CodeLink® and CodeLink® High-Density (HD) Activated Microarray Slides offer the precision, reproducibility, and sensitivity required for successful microarray applications.The key is SurModics’ patented hydrophilic polymer coating, which covalently binds DNA, RNA, and protein. The slides are easy-to-use and are compatible with most arraying and scanning equipment. CodeLink microarray slides maximize DNA, RNA, and protein attachment, ensure slide-to-slide consistency, produce very low background with high signal-to-noise ratio, and allow for optimized protocols for spotting and hybridization. In addition, a specialized surface on the CodeLink High-Density Slides enables spotting densities of greater than 20,000 features per slide. *For research use only.

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Sysmex America, Inc. 

TS-2000 Tube Sorter 

The TS-2000 is a high-end sample management system that is part of the Sysmex Lavender Top Management® system. With a speed of up to 800 samples per hour, the TS-2000 is capable of automatically redirecting lavender top tubes for repeat/reflex analysis performed on the HST-N line, as well as sorting samples into defined targets for further off-line testing and archiving. This integrated system is linked to the LIS through a single interface and applies user-defined decision logic rules through the use of Sysmex WAM, allowing the laboratory to maximize sample and data efficiency of >90% of lavender top samples and results.

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The Sysmex XT-4000iTM is a fully automated, 30-parameter hematology analyzer capable of processing approximately 80 samples per hour. Using the same advancedfluorescent technology of the Sysmex XE-5000 flagship hematology analyzer, the XT-4000i provides a six-part differential including the standard five-part diff plus immature granulocytes. Another capability unique to Sysmex analyzers is the RET-He parameter, an indicator of functional availability of iron for incorporation in RBC production. The XT-4000i also provides fully automated body fluid cell counts for RBC, WBC, TC, and two-part differentiation of polymorphonuclear and mononuclear cell types in percentage and absolute units. *Pending FDA clearance.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific


Combine the power of online extraction with the speed of UHPLC. The Transcend™ system uses Thermo Scientific TurboFlow technology—a superior online sample extraction technique for complex biological matrices for the mass spectrometer. TurboFlow™ technology can reduce sample preparation by up to 95%. The Transcend system is the only truly independent, parallel, multi-channel system in the industry. This unique multiplexing technique can increase the throughput of your mass spectrometer by up to four times. Transcend systems are optimized to increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and boost throughput to your mass spectrometer—without compromising data quality or sensitivity. *For research use only.

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Infinity Direct TIBC

The Thermo Scientific Infinity™ Direct TIBC offers a fully-automated direct measure of total iron-binding capacity (TIBC). For use on most chemistry analyzers, it reduces the need for cumbersome manual methods such as the column or calculations. This assay will streamline your laboratory testing by maximizing lab productivity, minimizing operator error, improving turnaround times, and removing the need for sample splitting. The Direct TIBC product is a liquid stable, ready-to-use reagent.

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Sentry Urinalysis Control

The Thermo Scientific Sentry urinalysis control has just gotten better. Now with double the room temperature shelf life than before, the urinalysis control can be stored at room temperature for 12 months. This makes it ideal when monitoring refrigerated products off-site or when lacking refrigerators where urine strips are used. This ready-to-use liquid control works with most major brands and is packaged in two levels. It includes an HCG parameter.

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Sorvall ST 40 Centrifuge Series

Accelerate your research and enhance productivity with the industry-leading capacity of the Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST 40 3-liter general purpose centrifuge series. Designed for clinical applications, the Sorvall® ST 40 centrifuge processes 100% more blood tubes or 40% more 50 mL conical tubes at a time with biocontainment sealing than competitive models in the same bench space. Combine this exceptional throughput with innovative Thermo Scientific technologies, such as our AutoLock® rotor management system for 3-second exchange and unmatched versatility, certified ClickSeal® biocontainment solution, SMARTSpin® technology for smooth runs and reproducible separations, and motorized lid latch to achieve reliable, high-quality results.

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