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Medical Electronic Systems, LLC

Qwik Check Gold Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer

Brought to you by the makers of the SQA-V Gold, the Qwik Check Gold is an affordable high-performance sperm analysis instrument used to test male fertility. It provides a precise and accurate 75-second automated semen analysis and delivers nine clinical parameters, including count, motility (A+B+C), morphology, velocity and functional sperm. The system is compact, affordable, and relies on the same patented technology trusted by laboratories worldwide.

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Medix Biochemica

MedixMAB cardiac troponin I clone

The latest addition to the MedixMAB™ cardiac troponin I antibody panel is clone #9707. This clone recognizes a C-terminal epitope located in residues 190–195 of the cTnI molecule. This binding epitope lies outside the stable midregion of cTnI, and antibodies binding to this epitope are not affected by the binding of autoantibodies. Clone #9707 can be used to devise a combinatorial cardiac troponin I assay using multiple troponin-specific antibodies to overcome the effects caused by different modifying and interfering agents. Clone #9707, like all MedixMAB™ monoclonals, is available in any needed scale and manufactured using the latest in vitro manufacturing technology.

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Microliter Analytical Supplies, Inc.

Instrument Top Sample Prep

MicroLiter Analytical Supplies, Inc. is proud to offer ITSP (Instrument Top Sample Prep), an autosampler-based sample prep solution for SPE and filtration. Excellent for vitamin D, immunosuppressants, prescribed drugs, and drugs-of-abuse analysis from raw urine and supernatants of blood and plasma. ITSP can prep and inject up to 250 samples during an 8-hour shift, and lab staff only need to prepare supernatants and required solvents. Patient samples that require immediate analysis can easily be placed in a priority position with results achieved within 30 minutes from receipt in the lab.

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Millipore Corporation

Probumin® NZ Bovine Serum Albumin

Probumin brand BSA from Millipore is the leading source of high-quality BSA for blocking, buffers, media and other IVD applications. New Probumin NZ is made from bovine serum collected in New Zealand where the prion disease BSE, mad cow disease, has never been found. Probumin NZ has a higher safety profile than BSA bovine serum from the U.S. or other countries that have a history of BSE. It is manufactured in Millipore’s own facilities, building upon decades of experience. Superb lot-to-lot consistency, cGMP, ISO quality systems, and professional technical and customer support are some of the characteristics that make Probumin brand BSA from Millipore the choice of more IVD scientists worldwide.

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Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd 

BS-380 Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

The newly introduced BS-380 fully automatic clinical chemistry analyzer extends the excellent reputation of the BS series family, which is renowned for high performance. The BS-380 is an open system, featuring constant chemistry throughput with 300 T/H (450 T/H with ISE) and the sophisticated eight-step auto wash system. Other updated technologies, such as the long-term-use ceramic piston system, help to minimize running and maintenance costs. The BS-380 is an ideal workstation, either as a main or back-up system, in medium-sized hospitals, labs, or specialties.

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m-u-t AG

HCTS2000 MK2 Tube Sorter

The HCTS2000 MK2 is designed for sorting closed, primary-sample tubes using information in the barcode or through queries to the LIS. The sorter helps optimize the work flow in the entrance area of the laboratory or in hematology department by freeing up laboratory personnel so they can concentrate on other tasks. Much faster and accurate than manual sorting, the HCTS2000 MK2 quickly handles the surges of tubes as they arrive throughout the day. The sorter minimizes bottlenecks in the entrance and hematology areas, decreases TAT, and increases total laboratory throughput.

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TUREC HVTM Automated Recapper & Archiver

TUREC HV is a high-speed recapping device for push-on tubes and an archiving system in one device. It ensures fast and safe recapping. All tubes and racks are scanned and the data is transmitted to the LIS. Due to its customizable input- and output-rack buffers, it can be adapted to any rack type and running time without operator intervention for the individual laboratory.

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Nihon Kohden Corp.


The Celltac Alpha CAX-6550 is the newest in a long line of Nihon Kohden hematology analyzers. The CAX-6550 is an advanced three-part differential hematology analyzer with high-reliability, expanded measure-ment ranges, and cap-piercing capability. One unique feature is the option to recount samples automatically if the results exceed a set panic value. The small footprint, affordability, and easy-to-use color touch screen make the CAX-6550 ideal for the physician’s office laboratory. Nihon Kohden is a Japanese company well-known worldwide for its innovative and reliable medical equipment. The CAX-6550 will be available in the U.S. early 2010. Distributor inquiries welcome.

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 Nova Biomedical

Bedside Glucose and Creatinine Monitors

Nova StatStrip® Glucose and StatSensor® Creatinine are two new handheld, whole-blood meters for POC testing. StatStrip Glucose test strips feature patented Multi-Well™ measuring technology that creates a new class of analytical performance comparable to central laboratory testing. The StatStrip Glucose monitor measures and eliminates interferences from hematocrit, maltose, oxygen, acetaminophen, ascorbic acid, and uric acid, while StatSensor measures creatinine in whole-blood in just 30 seconds and calculates eGFR by MDRD or Cockcroft-Gault equations. The StatSensor Creatinine monitor’s small 1.2-μL sample volume allows easy and virtually painless sample acquisition from a finger prick.

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Nuaire Inc 

CellGard Es Class II Type A2 BioSafety Cabinet

Where quality meets efficiency. The CellGard ES™ uses the best of our existing technologies and the best of the new DC ECM motor technology to provide lower energy costs, longer filter life, and reduced noise and vibration. NuAire® uses the largest HEPA filters with the most pleats per square inch, the TouchLink™ airflow control system, internal exhaust damper, and individually selected optimally determined forward-curved fans for each model size/width. CellGard ES™ Biological Safety Cabinets provide long-term reliability, outstanding performance, superior quality, and cost saving technologies. Our dedication to quality, performance, service, and customer satisfaction, makes NuAire® the perfect choice.

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Olympus America, Inc.

Olympus AU480®

Olympus will be presenting the AU480, the newest member of its clinical chemistry analyzer family. With a throughput of up to 800 tests per hour with an ISE option, and up to 63 different analytes, the AU480 is the ideal main clinical chemisty analyzer for small- to medium-sized laboratories. It can also be used as a special chemistry, or STAT analyzer, in larger laboratories. The new AU480 maintains the Olympus history for precision, reliability, low maintenance and exceptionally long ISE life. It also encompasses new Graphical User Interface software standardized with the AU680®. It incorporates master calibration via 2-dimensional bar code and reduced sample volumes.

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Total Bile Acids Reagent

Olympus, a leader in in vitro diagnostics, announces the release of Total Bile Acids Reagent, OSR62208, intended for quantitative determination of serum total bile acids in human and veterinary samples. The liquid, ready-to-use reagent presents with fully optimized applications for excellent performance on the Olympus AU® chemistry systems. The assay demonstrates a dynamic measuring range of 1–180µmol/L. Total bile acids are metabolized in the liver and serve as a marker for normal liver function. Serum total bile acids are increased in patients with acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, liver sclerosis, and liver cancer.

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Direct Total Iron Binding Capacity

Olympus, a leader in in vitro diagnostics, announces the release of Direct Total Iron Binding Capacity (dTIBC), OSR62209, intended for assessment of iron status. The liquid, ready-to-use reagent, along with its two-point calibration set, ODR20071, presents a fully optimized application with excellent performance on the Olympus AU® family of chemistry systems. The dTIBC assay has a dynamic measuring range of 100–675µg/dL. Together with the total serum iron concentration, the TIBC is used in the diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency anemia, other disorders of iron metabolism, chronic inflammatory disorders, and as an index of nutritional status. Serum TIBC is increased in iron deficiency and decreased in anemia that is due to chronic disease.

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Olympus announces the availability of the ARK Diagnostics’ Topiramate Assay (Topamax®) for use on AU® chemistry analyzers. The ARK Topiramate Assay is a homogeneous enzyme immunoassay intended for quantitative determination of topiramate in human serum or plasma. Topiramate is the first of seven new ARK anti-epileptic drug monitoring assays under development and regulatory review to receive FDA clearance. The liquid, stable Topiramate assay demonstrates excellent specificity, commonly co-administered drugs and endogenous substances do not interfere, and a reportable range of 1.5–54.0µg/mL. The assay is used in the diagnosis and treatment of topiramate overdose and in monitoring levels of topiramate to help ensure appropriate therapy.

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Olympus, a leader in in vitro diagnostics, announces the release of Homocysteine Reagent, OSR62206, intended for quantitative determination of total L-homocysteine. The liquid, ready-to-use reagent presents with fully optimized applications for excellent performance on the Olympus AU® chemistry systems. The assay demonstrates a dynamic measuring range of 3–50 µmol/L. Excess homocysteine in the blood stream may cause injuries to arterial vessels due to its irritant nature and result in inflammation and plague formation that may eventually cause blockage of blood flow to the heart. Homocysteine is considered an emerging biomarker for the risk assessment of cardiovascular disease.

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Cystatin C

Olympus, a leader in in vitro diagnostics, announces the release of OSR62207, a latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay intended for quantitative determination of cystatin C in serum and plasma samples with fully optimized applications on the Olympus AU® chemistry systems. The assay demonstrates a dynamic measuring range of 0.13–8.0 mg/L. Cystatin C has advantages over routine clinical measures of renal function. Cystatin C is more accurate than plasma creatinine measurements and the Cockcroft-Gault estimation of creatinine clearance. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests cystatin C can be used to detect kidney disease at earlier stages than serum creatinine, which may help facilitate prevention efforts in the elderly and those with diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

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