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Innovative Medical Technologies

Innovac II Capillary Blood Collection System

The Innovac® II capillary blood collection system can significantly reduce re-sticks due to clotted or hemolyzed samples. The Quick-Draw® adapter fits your current capillary collection container so that it can be used with the Innovac® II vacuum unit. The vacuum action draws the sample into the collection vial, eliminating the need to scoop, which can cause hemolysis. Less squeezing is needed because the vacuum will collect even the smallest drops. During collection, air being pulled through the vial causes the sample to mix automatically with the anticoagulant in the vial, eliminating the need to stop and mix the sample during collection. An application for newborn and dried blood spot screening samples is also available.

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Inverness Medical


The new C. DIFF QUIK CHEK COMPLETE® test offered by Inverness Medical is the only device that simultaneously detects both C. difficile glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) and C. difficile toxins A and B in one simple assay. It can be used for screening while also confirming the presence of toxigenic C. difficile strains. Results in less than 30 minutes enable rapid diagnosis, a more complete picture of the patient’s disease state, and quicker initiation of appropriate patient management. The test provides an accurate and cost-effective method of excluding > 90% of fecal samples from further testing with a negative predictive value of 99%. Developed and manufactured by TECHLAB.

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IRIS Sample Processing

StatSpin® CytoFuge 12

The StatSpin® CytoFuge 12 is a compact, low-cost cytocentrifuge that concentrates up to 12 samples and gently deposits cells in a monolayer onto microscope slides for a variety of cell preparations. For safety, the unit operates only when the outer lid is locked. Inside is a removable sealed rotor that can be loaded in a hood to eliminate exposure to biohazards and can be autoclaved. The program key pad is easy to use and stores up to 24 programs. The unit operates from 200-2,000 rpm. Samples from 50µL up to 800µL are processed with snap-seal filter concentrators in disposable and reusable formats.

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IVD Technologies

Acetylcholine Receptor Ab Kit*

The AChRAb Radioimmunoassay Assay kit is for determination of anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody in human plasma and serum. Receptors bind to sample antibodies in a liquid phase (test tube), the antibody-antigen complexes are precipitated, and then radioactivity measured. There are two incubation times: 120 minutes and 30 minutes. Assay range: 0.1–8.5 nmol/L. Detection limit: 0.058 nmol/L. Cut-off control: 0.25 nmol/L. Clinical sensitivity: 100%. Clinical specificity: 97.7%. *Pending FDA clearance.

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KNF Neuberger, Inc. 

FMM20 Solenoid Micro Metering Pump

KNF’s new FMM20 solenoid-driven diaphragm pump is designed to allow you to dispense accurate volumes of 5–25µL/stroke of liquid and is field-adjustable. Much quieter than existing pumps, it features a 250 million-stroke lifetime, is flow-tight in both directions, and offers versatile manifold-mount, hose barbs, or threaded ports. Wetted materials are available for neutral to aggressive liquids, and available in NSF-approved materials. You can install it in any position, close to your desired pumping function. This pump runs at 25Hz for 30mL/min priming. For use in analyzers, fuel cells, portable appliances, and ink-jet printers. Prototype quantities are available for OEM designers.

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Aquaporin-4 Autoantibody (AQP-4Ab) ELISA Test Kit*

KRONUS®, a leading provider of specialized autoimmune diagnostic test kits, is pleased to announce the availability of a new ELISA test kit for the measurement of autoantibodies to aquaporin-4 (AQP-4Ab). Aquaporin-4 is the most abundant water channel protein in the central nervous system and is expressed extensively within the brain and spinal cord regions. This new ELISA allows for the accurate and specific determination of autoantibodies to AQP-4. *For research use only.

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Lampire Biological Laboratories

Llama Antibodies

In addition to the standard two-chain IgG, llamas produce a heavy, single-chain IgG. The llama IgG molecule has a lower molecular weight than standard IgG and has a smaller binding domain, but it binds its targets with equal strength. Furthermore, the smaller size and binding area suggest these antibodies may perform better as neutralizing antibodies and may be more effective at binding haptens. The simple structure contributes to stability, as llama IgG has been shown to bind antigen at >90°C and to refold after being denatured. Lampire provides custom llama polyclonal antibody development and also offers anti-llama IgG secondary antibodies.

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LifeScan, Inc. 

OneTouch® DataLink® Web 2.0

Designed to meet the rapidly changing requirements of a hospital, OneTouch® DataLink® Web 2.0 with OneTouch® DataLink® Data Management System v3.3 incorporates all the enhancements of DMS with the ability to run this software on hospital server systems, including the newest Microsoft® Server 2003/2008. It is also validated for use with Citrix® software applications.

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OneTouch® DataLink® Data Management System v3.3

OneTouch® DataLink® Data Management System v3.3 is LifeScan’s newest version of data management software. This system helps improve compliance and aids in clinical decisions by providing a seamless exchange of data between the SureStep® Flexx® Meter and the LIS. It is compatible with the latest Microsoft® database systems (SQL 2005 and SQL 2008) and software operating systems (Microsoft® XP and Vista).

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OneTouch® DataLink® Wireless v3

OneTouch® DataLink® Wireless v3 from LifeScan, Inc. provides the convenience hospitals want and the security they demand for the reliable transfer of blood glucose data. It works with the SureStep® Flexx® Meter to deliver results quickly and securely, so health professionals can make more informed clinical decisions. OneTouch® DataLink® Wireless v3 supports the highest level of authentication and encryption protocols to ensure data remains safe and secure.

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LifeSign LLC 

BioSign® Flu A+B*

LifeSign introduces the BioSign® Flu A+B, a rapid point-of-care immunochromatographic assay. The BioSign® Flu A+B is a rapid in vitro qualitative test that detects influenza type A and type B antigens directly from nasal swab, nasopharyngeal swab, and nasal aspirate/wash specimens. The test provides clinical and laboratory professionals with a rapid differential diagnosis of influenza A and B viral infections. The test device uses an innovative “FLIP” design, providing an easy-to-use procedure with accurate results in 10–15 minutes. The extraction process is performed directly in the cassette, eliminating the need for extraction tubes and specimen transfers. *Pending FDA clearance.

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MIAtek® Reader*

MIAtek® Reader is a portable reader for magnetic immunoassays. These next-generation assays improve rapid diagnostic performance for human and animal diagnostics, and food safety and environmental protection testing. They are based on magnetic bead markers, which can be used to achieve the accuracy of laboratory testing with the ease-of-use of rapid test methods. The reader provides objective, quantifiable, and traceable results with two tests formats: MIAstrip®, point- of-care testing strips for a number of diseases, and MIAflo®, disposable cartridges for detecting and quantifying targets, such as bacterial contamination, with a sensitivity that significantly reduces testing time. *In development.

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Clear Orders

Clear Orders™ provides web service-based tools to ensure that all elements required for reimbursement are in place before an expensive test is performed and billed. The solution also aggregates orders from all sources to ensure that orders are financially and medically “clear.” Clear Orders offers options such as automated eligibility checking, medical necessity edits, auto authorization, order and results routing, and send-out management.
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Horizon Anatomic Pathology

McKesson, a Fortune 15 corporation with more than 40 years of laboratory information solution experience and world-class support, is committed to helping your organization improve patient safety, productivity and profitability. Horizon Anatomic Pathology™ is the newest addition to McKesson’s laboratory information system solution line. Horizon Anatomic Pathology utilizes an expert workflow engine, embedded dictation, barcode positive patient sample identification, whole slide imaging, and other industry-leading technologies to enhance patient safety and improve the diagnostic process. Horizon Anatomic Pathology™ is integrated with Horizon Lab™ and is built on the Horizon Architecture platform.

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