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Procalcitonin (PCT)

BRAHMS USA Inc. received FDA clearance to market the Procalcitonin PCT sensitive KRYPTOR® assay in 2008. Procalcitonin, a diagnostic biomarker used as standard of care in Europe to rapidly identify bacterial infection, is now available to assist physicians in U.S. hospitals. Procalcitonin can be used for early identification of infection progressing to severe sepsis and septic shock. Procalcitonin is also used to assist clinicians to accurately distinguish between bacterial infection and other non-bacterial causes of hypotension and shock. Procalcitonin is measured in human serum and plasma using a rapid immunoflourescent assay on the KRYPTOR® compact analyzer.

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Midregional Pro-A-Type Natriuretic Peptide

BRAHMS USA Inc. recently submitted MR-proANP to the FDA for review. The MR-proANP assay is currently available in the U.S. for research use only. Results from the BACH Study presented at a late breaking clinical trials session during the European Society of Cardiology in 2008 demonstrated that MR-proANP was non-inferior to BNP and NT-proBNP in the diagnosis of acute heart failure. Additional BACH Study results showed that in patient subgroups where BNP and NT-proBNP values prove difficult to interpret, MR-proANP may provide additive value for the diagnosis of acute heart failure. *For research only and pending FDA clearance.

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Burkert Fluid Control Systems

 Burkert Type 6650 Flipper Solenoid Valve

Bürkert, the world’s leading partner for fluid control systems, has introduced its Type 6650 Flipper isolation valve, setting industry standards for both size and performance.With its 4.5mm width, the Type 6650 Flipper isolation valve is a significant step towards miniaturization while even outperforming 10mm designs. It allows equipment and instrument manufacturers to pack more valves into the same space for greater functionality and helps reduce laboratory costs by shrinking the size of the equipment or instrument. It is the perfect choice for clinical, life science, analytical, and fluid handling equipment manufacturers with valve applications requiring fast response times, high reproducibility, no pumping, and excellent flushing characteristics.

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Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp

MPAM-Managed Pre- Analysis Module

Carolina Liquid Chemistries introduces the Managed Pre-Analysis Module (MPAM) that automates laboratory accession areas. MPAM speeds sample processing and eliminates sample processing errors. The MPAM de-caps primary tubes, and re-labels and aliquots secondary tubes at a throughput of 500 samples per hour. The tubes are then sorted according to the area of the laboratory where the testing is to be performed. MPAM manages QC specimens, offers STAT handling, and is connectable to rack-type chemistry analyzers, work-cells, and laboratory automation systems. The MPAM is the perfect fit for laboratories processing more than 1000 specimens per day.


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Carolina Chemistries BioLis 24i

Carolina Liquid Chemistries introduces the BioLis 12i, a small chemistry analyzer with a large menu. It has a refrigerated on-board reagent capacity of 33 different chemistries, including ISEs. Its speed is 180 tests per hour with the time to first result in about 10 minutes. The full benefits of bi-directional interface are obtained with its bar-coded primary tube sampling capability. It has a built-in touch screen computer and on-board cuvette washing for greater ease of use. The bar-coded and liquid ready-to-use reagent menu includes all the general chemistries, as well as special chemistries such as HbA1c, homocysteine, Lp(a), hsCRP, cystatin C, etc. The BioLis is 2-feet wide and ideal for laboratories with limited space such as stat, pediatric, special chemistry, and physician office labs. Cutting edge technology and innovative design.

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Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc.

DPP®Syphilis Screen & Confirm

DDP® Syphilis Screen & Confirm provides a better indication of active, untreated disease than current methods and enables diagnosis and treatment in a single visit to a clinic. For decades standard diagnosis of syphilis has been made using 2 lab-based serologic tests, namely a non-treponemal screening test followed by a more specific treponemal confirmatory assay. Chembio has developed the first dual non-treponemal & treponemal POC syphilis test. Utilizing Chembio’s patented Dual Path Platform technology, this assay permits simultaneous yet separate detection of both antibodies at the point-of-care. The test, which will be eligible for a CLIA waiver, represents considerable advances in performance, time-to-result, and ease-of-use. *Pending FDA clearance

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Chemtron Biotech Inc.

Rapid Test  Reader 

Rapid test reader connects to a computer by USB cable. It analyzes results by software. Qualitative and quantitative results print automatically. *In development.

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Creative Laboratory Products Inc.

Cholesterol Concentrate LDL

The Clarified Human Cholesterol Concentrate LDL additive (CLDL) provides in vitro diagnostic manufacturers with an LDL cholesterol supplement with greater clarity, stability, and lot-to-lot consistency. Bovine Cholesterol Concentrate LDL provides an animal source LDL cholesterol concentrate for use in adjusting LDL valves in control serum. *In development.

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David G. Rhoads Associates, Inc 


David G. Rhoads Associates, Inc., providers of specialty PC software to clinical laboratories, POLs, and clinical laboratory vendors, will be showing EP Evaluator™, the industry-leading product line of software programs to evaluate clinical laboratory methods. Flexible design provides the features needed by small, medium, and large laboratories to meet all CLIA ’88 and CAP requirements for validating and evaluating methods. The program also includes four lab management modules: Inventory Management, Competency Assessment, Cost per Test, and Incident Tracking to monitor patient safety events.

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Denka Seiken Co., Ltd

Homogenous assay for small, denseLDL-C

Denka Seiken introduces a homogenous, direct assay for the fast and easy quantification of small, dense LDL cholesterol. The test does not require any off-line manual processes, such as sample pretreatment, and can run fully automated on routine clinical chemistry analyzers. The test employs two liquid, ready-to-use reagents and consists of two steps: 1) selective decomposition of chylomicron, VLDL, HDL and large LDL, and 2) specific measurement of small, dense LDL cholesterol. The assay methodology correlates well with the traditional ultracentrifugation method. *Pending FDA clearance.

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Diagnostica Stago

®-Staclot® dRVV Screen and Confirm

The STA®-Staclot® dRVV Screen and Confirm are fully automated assays for detecting lupus anticoagulants (LA) in patient plasma by the diluted Russell viper venom method. Each reagent is bar coded for ease-of-use on the STA line of analyzers. The STA Staclot dRVV Screen uses a reagent with a low phospholipid concentration that enhances its sensitivity, resulting in a prolongation of the clotting time. The STA Staclot dRVV Confirm uses a reagent with a high phospholipid concentration that neutralizes the LA present in the plasma, resulting in a shortening of the clotting time. The tests are not affected by contact factor deficiencies, factor VIII and IX deficiencies, or other specific inhibitors or samples containing therapeutic levels of heparin. STA Staclot dRVV Screen and Confirm, in conjunction with Staclot LA, are complimentary in fulfilling the recommendations establishing by ISTH. FDA cleared.

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Calibrated Automated Thrombogram

The Calibrated Automated Thrombogram®, or CAT, is an exciting new technology using a fluorogenic substrate in an easy-to-use automated platform to measure the initiation, burst, and subsequent inactivation of thrombin in clotting platelet-poor or platelet-rich plasma. It is a global hemostasis assay for the investigation of hypo- and hyper-coagulability and the effects of anti-thrombotics and other pharmaceuticals on thrombin generation. A unique thrombin calibrator, it eliminates potential sample-specific interferences, such as the inner filter effect, substrate depletion, and variability in sample color and light intensity. Diagnostica Stago, Inc. represents Thrombinoscope as the exclusive distributor in the U.S. *For research use only.



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STA Satellite

The STA Satellite®, the newest addition to the STA® family of analyzers, is a fully-automated benchtop coagulation analyzer capable of simultaneously performing clotting, chromogenic, and immunological assays. The STA Satellite® offers complete automation to the low-activity coagulation laboratory and is also suitable for organizations with central and satellite laboratories as a back-up analyzer. The STA Satellite® offers technological advances to ensure a high-level of system reliability, as well as ease of operation and flexibility all within a small footprint. FDA cleared.



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STA-R Evolution
® Expert Series

Diagnostica Stago, Inc. announces the introduction of the STA-R Evolution® Expert Series analyzer for mid- and high-volume coagulation labs. The STA-R Evolution® Expert Series analyzer provides simultaneous testing for clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic assays, providing high throughput of both routine and coagulation specialty assays. The analyzer is the next generation of the proven and highly successful STA® platform that incorporates Stago's patented Viscosity-based Detection System technology, bar-coded pre-calibrated reagents, and software-managed maintenance. It is the perfect solution for those clinical labs that are, or are developing, a coagulation "Center of Excellence." FDA cleared.

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Middleware Coagulation Data Manager

Diagnostica Stago is introducing a new coagulation-focused data manager. This is in response to customer requirements for a higher level of flexibility and advanced data management pre- and post-test result reporting. The data manager will complement existing instrumentation with enhanced features, including autoverification, reflex testing, metering manager, and a QC package. Being sensitive to labor shortages, turnaround time, test volumes, and maintaining high data quality guided Diagnostica Stago in the development of this new product. *In development.

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Diamedix Corporation 

DSX and DS2 Solutions

Diamedix® DSX™ and DS2™ Solutions, combined with Diamedix ELISA Test Kits, address the demands of contemporary immunoassay testing: decreased hands-on time, increased productivity, efficiency, and ease-of-use. Our exclusive customized reagent rack, fine-tuned programming, improved technical service support, and a Hewlett-Packard PC, keyboard, flat-screen monitor and laserprinter—with a full 3 year, on-site warranty—ensure that your DSX or DS2 are optimized for top-of-the-line performance that only Diamedix can offer. The Diamedix DSX and DS2 deliver true flexibility in automation and versatile software. Combined with the consistent and reliable Diamedix immunosimplicity® reagents, they provide a seamless, totally integrated, reagent/system solution.

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