August 2009 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 35, Number 8

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The Search for Alzheimer’s Diagnostics
Are They Close or Still Years Away?
By Genna Rollins


Long-sought biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease are closer than ever to becoming reality. Their emergence offers the possibility of earlier diagnosis, risk prediction, and drug development and monitoring for this devastating neurological disorder.

Patenting Genes
Is the Future of Genetic Testing on the Line?
By Bill Malone


A lawsuit against Myriad Genetics is challenging not only the company’s patents on genes associated with breast cancer risk, but also the question of whether genetic material should be patented in the first place.


a1-Antitrypsin Deficiency
Stepping Up Awareness and Disease Detection
By Joshua Bornhorst, PhD, DABCC


Despite being one of the most common genetic diseases, α1-antitrypsin deficiency remains largely undiagnosed. Genetic testing can help identify the disease and prevent disease progression, but improvements in testing methodologies and algorithms are needed to increase detection of this disease.


Internet, Diagnostic Technologies Changing Healthcare


Expert Committee Endorses HbA1c Test for Diagnosing Diabetes
ADA Considering Official Recommendation
By Genna Rollins


The HbA1c test is used extensively to monitor long-term blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes. Now an expert panel has recommended that the assay be used to diagnose the disease


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