September 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 34, No. 9

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CLIA Waivers Drive POCT Expansion
How Will Growth Affect Labs?
By Phil Kibak


POC devices and testing are a growing and lucrative segment of diagnostics. As manufacturers pursue CLIA waivers for their POC devices, testing outside the central laboratory is likely to spread even further.

Monitoring MPA in Solid-Organ Transplant Recipients
Does TDM Reduce Organ Rejection and Adverse Events?
By John R. Bell


Can monitoring of levels of mycophenolic acid in patients who receive transplanted solid organs lead to lower incidence of adverse events and rejections? A recent report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reviewed the current literature.


Apolipoprotein B
Is it Time to Switch from LDL-C?
By John H. Contois, PhD, and Joseph P. McConnell, PhD


With a recent consensus conference report from the American Diabetes Association and the American College of Cardiology highlighting its significance, the importance of apolipoprotein B in assessing cardiovascular disease risk is increasing.


U.S. Spends More for Less on Healthcare


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