October 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 34, Number 10

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The New Glycohemoglobin Standard 
Will Estimated Average Glucose Boost Patient Understanding?
By John R. Bell


Based on the long-awaited final results of the Average Daily A1c-Derived Glucose (ADAG) study, ADA is recommending that labs report estimated average glucose in addition to HbA1c. The aim is to help clinicians more easily explain glucose levels, while not sacrificing accuracy.

CMS Proposed Rule to Replace ICD-9 Coding Sets
Will the Healthcare System Be Ready?
By  Joan Szabo


CMS wants healthcare providers to roll out the new ICD-10 system by October 2011, while the upgrade to the electronic transaction standards must be in place by 2010. The proposed change is expected to touch every provider who submits diagnostic codes and every payer that processes healthcare claims.


Fetal Fibronectin
A Marker for Predicting Preterm Birth

By Alison Woodworth, PhD


Preterm birth is the leading cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality in the U.S, and its prevalence has risen 21% since 1990, despite advances in predicting and preventing it. A negative test result for fetal fibronectin can be used in combination with other clinical indicators to rule out delivery of an infant in 1–2 weeks, but a positive result is less useful.


Hospital ED Visits Continue Steady Climb


The Inability of People to Recognize Their Own Incompetence
An Interview with David Davis, MD

Decreasing Postanalytical Errors with Interpretive Reports
An Interview with Mario Plebani, MD

Pre-analytic Labeling Errors
By Erin Grimm, MD


Experts Debate Pharmacogenetic Testing for Warfarin Sensitivity
Tests Could Enable Better Dosing, But Some Question the Data
By John R. Bell

Guidelines Have an Impact But Face Tough Challenges
Session Looks at Boosting Use of Laboratory Practice Guidelines

By Phil Kibak

From the Podium
Plenary speakers and special guest Cokie Roberts highlighted the program.


Lab Credentialing Agencies Merging
Unification Aims to Simplify Hiring Qualified Lab Personnel
By Bill Malone


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