May 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 34, Number 5

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The Worsening Shortage of Lab Staff
What’s Being Done to Turn it Around?
By Phil Kibak


With the need for medical technologists predicted to grow and more reaching retirement age, labs can expect continued shortages until efforts to recruit young people to the profession take hold.  

Stuck in the Middleware
Labs Look for Answers as New Consortium Aims to Untangle the Mess
By Deborah Levenson


A new consortium takes on middleware headaches with a forthcoming standard that aims to improve connectivity.


Toxic Metals
Why Hair Analysis Deserves Another Look
By Erlo Roth, MD and David W. Quig, PhD


When used in conjunction with patient symptoms and other laboratory tests, elemental analysis of hair is a reasonably accurate and precise technology that can determine long-term exposure to various toxic elements.


Report Details Factors in Rising CKD Rates 


More on MRSA Testing 


Some institutions are now new molecular tests for MRSA to screen all patients, but two recent studies have come to different conclusions about this universal screening strategy.


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