January 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 34, Number 1



The Quest for Faster Sepsis Diagnosis

Can New Markers Improve Survival Rates?

By Deborah Levenson


Sepsis can quickly turn severe—and fatal—when accompanied by organ dysfunction or failure. Three tests approved specifically for sepsis in conjunction with culture and a multi-marker test now being developed may speed diagnosis and improve treatment.

Genetic Testing Oversight

Is More Regulation Needed?

By Phil Kibak


A draft report from SACGHS criticizes federal oversight of genetic testing, but CMS counters that current CLIA standards are adequate and a number of the suggested recommendations fail to take limited resources into account. Laboratorians are paying close attention to the debate, especially as companies are stepping up direct-to-consumer genetic testing.


Drugs-of-Abuse Testing

Understanding the Limitations
By Lynn Cheryk, PhD, and Loralie Langman, PhD


Given the magnitude of drug abuse today, laboratorians need to ensure that physicians understand just what information screening tests can provide. 

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