August 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 34, Number 8

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The Status of Laboratory Medicine
CDC Report Hit the Mark, But Will It Drive Change?
By Phil Kibak


In 2006, the CDC announced an ambitious project—to define and identify best practices in laboratory medicine, an effort to transform the field over the next decade. Now, the agency has issued a draft of their commissioned report, “Laboratory Medicine: A National Status Report.”

Saliva Tests: Ready to Spit?
Oral-based Tests Poised for Wider Array of Analytes
By Gina Rollins


Researchers have long believed that saliva is a window to the body. Now new technology and discoveries are making oral fluid diagnostic a real-world alternative to serum for some analytes.


ROC Curves
Uncovering the Pearls and Avoiding the Pitfalls
By David Plaut


ROC curve analysis can help select tests, determine cutoffs, and establish clinical accuracy. However, this deceptively straightforward tool must be carefully applied.


Survey Says Consumers Wary of Genetic Tests


CDC Cholesterol Standardization Program Celebrates 50 Years of Service


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