April 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: New Products

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April 2008: Volume 34, Number 4


Product 1

The MLA D-Tipper line of pipettes has been updated. New features include reduced spring forces for minimized thumb activity, a glove guard to prevent catching during tip removal, and serial numbers to allow better traceability and calibration recordkeeping. D-Tipper pipettes are available in more than 30 fixed volumes, from 5µL to 1000µL, and carry a lifetime warranty.

Diabetes Control


The Liquicheck diabetes control is a liquid, human, whole blood-based third party control for monitoring the precision of HbA1c tests on common methods and instruments. The control is available in three levels with a 1-mL fill size.

High-Volume Analyzer

The new MODULAR ANALYTICS EVO system features software enhancements to improve efficiency and lab productivity, such as STAT handling via SUPER STAT mode, improved QC and calibration management, and rack-flow enhancements. The system is available in 96 different integrated chemistry and immunoassay configurations and offers a test menu of more than 140 assays.

Ecstasy Assay

 Product 4

The DRI Ecstasy assay provides qualitative or semi-quantitative determination of ecstasy drugs in human urine with a cutoff level of 500 ng/mL. The DRI Ecstasy assay uses an antibody that detects ecstasy in urine with minimal cross-reactivity to amphetamine compounds. When run on the UniCel DxC or Synchron CX and LX systems, a qualitative interpretive report is produced that compares patient results to the cutoff value and determines positive or negative results.

α-Amylase Assay

Product 5

Designed for the UniCel DxC and Synchron analyzers, the new Amylase EPS-G7 assay quantitatively determines α-amylase in human serum, plasma, or urine as an aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions related to acute pancreatitis. The reagents and calibrators for the assay are liquid and ready-to-use, eliminate mixing, hydrating, or pre-diluting reagents before testing.

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