July 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 34, Number 7



The Prospect of a National Lab Service
Will Creating Standard Methods and Samples Speed Approval of New Markers?
By Deborah Levenson


The concept of a national diagnostic testing service raises some serious questions. Known as the United States Diagnostic Standards, the lab would design testing protocols and provide standardized clinical sample procurement, data processing, and readouts. 

After Long Wait, GINA Becomes Law
Will Labs See an Increase in Demand For Genetic Testing?
By Phil Kibak


Recently signed into law, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) prohibits employers and health insurers from discrimination based on a person’s genetic information. Medical researchers believe the law will lead to an increase in screening and testing for recognized genetic diseases, as well as boost participation in clinical research studies.


Lipid Biomarkers
Identifying Dyslipidemia in Children
By Katherine Morrison, MD, FRCPC, and Vijaylaxmi Grey, PhD, FCACB


While dyslipidemia seldom results in adverse clinical outcomes during childhood, epidemiological studies demonstrate that cholesterol levels in children track into adulthood. Therefore, identifying children who are at risk by assessing lipids and lipoproteins is an important health strategy. 


IVD Market Growth Looks Favorable


Introducing CLN’s New Special Section 
Nancy Sasavage, PhD

Current Concepts in the Disclosure of Serious Medical Errors to Patients
An Interview with Thomas Gallagher, MD

Quality Gaps in Communicating Laboratory Results
An Interview with Dana Grzybicki, MD

Communication: Teaching Cases on the Web
AHRQ’s Web Morbidity and Mortality Rounds

2008 New Product Review
A special advertising section that previews many of the new products attendees can expect to see at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo in Washington, DC.
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Regulatory Profiles 

Industry Profiles

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