July 2007 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 33, Number 7


The Challenges of Point-of-Care Connectivity
How A New Tool Can Aid Labs with Device and Data System Purchasing
By Deborah Levenson
  Though POCT connectivity has come a long way since the 1990s, many labs still can’t get their systems to work the way they should. A new guideline from CLSI explains what to look for in POCT devices, LISs, and LIS upgrades.
The Push for Integrating Biomarkers Into Drug Development
Will a New Collaborative Accelerate Clinical Use?
By Julie McDowell
  New biomarkers are essential to personalized medicine, but biomarkers remain stalled in research, rather than applied in clinical settings. Several initiatives, including one FDA-sponsored collaborative, are working to bolster the application of biomarkers and deal with sticky standardization problems.
Pregnancy Risk Assessment
Improving Outcomes with Appropriate Lab Testing
By Michael Papez, MD and David G. Grenache, PhD
  With revised recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) that all women, regardless of age, be offered Down syndrome screening, now is a good time for laboratorians to brush up on the spectrum of screening and diagnostic tests for both low- and high-risk pregnancies.
IVD Market Forecast: Healthy Growth Ahead
New NACB Guidelines Are Built on Evidence-Based Medicine
LMPGs on Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Pharmacogenetics Scheduled for 2007 Release
By Julie McDowell
2007 New Product Review
A special advertising section that previews many of the new products attendees can expect to see at the AACC Clin Lab Expo in San Diego.
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