Clinical Laboratory News - 2007 Annual Meeting Dailies


Special Edition

Bruns Steps Down as Clinical Chemistry Editor
17-Year Tenure Marked by Accomplishment and Change
By Deborah Levenson
  Though POCT connectivity has come a long way since the 1990s, many labs still can’t get their systems to work the way they should. A new guideline from CLSI explains what to look for in POCT devices, LISs, and LIS upgrades.
San Diego Thrives as Biotech Hot Spot
AACC Local Section Addresses Needs of Industry, Clinical Members
By Julie McDowell
  Although they work in one of the largest biotech hubs in the nation, San Diego local section members still rely on AACC to keep them informed of important FDA and other news that develops on the other side of the nation in Washington, D.C.
First-time Exhibitors Showcase Innovative Lab Products
Clinical Lab Expo Hits New Record for Exhibitors
By Bill Malone
  The AACC Clin Lab Expo has always been a must-attend event for diagnostic companies, and this year is no exception, as scores of first-time exhibitors step up to show their product introductions to laboratorians.
Taking Aim at Medical Errors
Sessions Focus on Preventing Lab Mistakes
By Deborah Levenson
  Labs have some unique advantages over other areas of the hospital when it comes to reducing medical errors. Taking a risk management approach from diagnostic manufacturers may help put these advantages to work.
Preparing for a ‘Newdemic’
Speakers Take on Public Health Emergencies
By Julie McDowell
  In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, real-world research by Gerald Kost, MD, PhD reveals that labs need to focus on POCT in disaster planning and readiness, as well as coordination among hospitals.
Setting the Agenda for Learning
AACC’s Educational Programs Offer Professional Development
By Kia Reid
  AACC’s educational programs don’t end with the Annual Meeting. Check out upcoming meetings and audioconferences where AACC’s experts will tackle topics like autoverification, proteomics, and lab automation.
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