January 2007

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Ready for Disaster?
Katrina’s Lessons Can Strengthen Emergency, Disaster Planning for Labs
By Julie McDowell
As the federal government pushes state and local authorities to plan for the worst, in the end, each lab needs a well-thought-out disaster plan. You’ll be surprised what most labs overlook.

Lead Poisoning
Is Point-of-Care Testing the Answer?
By Kay Downer
Newer paints and other products no longer contain lead, but lead poisoning remains an insidious problem in low income areas. A new CLIA-waived POC test promises to help clinicians reach out to the parents of children at risk.

Series Article

Fecal Immunochemical Test
Improving Detection of Colorectal Cancer with the New Generation Occult Blood Test
By Peter Heseltine, MD, FACP
Colorectal cancer is usually curable when caught early, but patient compliance with returning guaiac-based fecal occult blood tests has been low. Learn how the new FIT method can curb false positives and boost return rates of take-home tests.

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Routine HIV Screening Cost Effective But Challenging

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