December 2007 Clinical Laboratory News: New Products

December 2007: Volume 33, Number 12

 Diabetes Control


The Lyphocheck Diabetes control now includes a new claim for total hemoglobin. The control is suited to monitor all associated values generated by non-HPLC methodologies currently used to calculate percentage HbA1c. Based on human blood, the control is designed for multiple methods and instruments. The control is available in two levels with a 0.5-mL fill size.

Tumor Marker Control

The Liquichek Tumor Marker Control is a li

quid, human serum based, third party control for monitoring the precision of tumor marker testing procedures. The multi-analyte control has three levels and features 17 tumor markers: CA 15-3, CA 19-9, CA 27.29, CA 125, AFP, Beta-2-microglobulin, CEA, ferritin, hCG/-hCG, IGF-1, PAP, prolactin, total PSA, free PSA, and thyroglobulin. The control offers a 2-year shelf life when stored frozen, as well as 30-day open vial stability at 2–8?C for most analytes. It also includes high target levels of cancer antigens and ferritin, as well as a very low level of PSA. Assayed values are provided for manual and automated methods.

POC Coagulation Monitor

The handheld, battery-powered CoaguChek XS Plus system offers built-in controls and optional, external liquid controls to help non-waived clinics ensure accurate PT/INR test results for anticoagulation monitoring. The system stores up to 500 patient and liquid quality control results that can be searched by patient, date, and time. The meter is also designed for data management connectivity with patient ID, operator lockout, and quality control lockouts. The system performs two levels of onboard quality controls as part of every test in a single test chamber.

Plates for Long-term Storage

ABgene storage plates include volume options from 200μl to 6mL to help laboratories meet most archiving and long-term storage requirements. The heat-sealable plates are manufactured in a clean room to make sure that each product is DNase-, RNase-, and endotoxin-free. ABgene plates are also compatible with robotic platforms, and a raised-rim well design maintains sample integrity by ensuring a reliable seal around each well.

Epilepsy TDM Assays

The new QMS Lamotrigine and QMS Topiramate immunoassays are designed for the monitoring of levels of the epilepsy drugs lamotrigine and topiramate in serum and plasma. Both are intended for use on automated clinical chemistry analyzers and can be used as an aid for optimizing therapy for patients receiving these drugs.

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