October 2007 Clinical Laboratory News: New Products

October 2007: Volume 33, Number 10

 Direct Enzymatic HbA1c Assay

The Direct Enzymatic Hemoglobin A1c Assay™ uses two, ready-to-use, liquid-stable reagents and is applicable to chemistry auto-analyzers. Since it does not require a separate measurement of total hemoglobin content in the samples, the assay needs only a single channel to perform the test, in comparison with most immunoassays that require a separate measurement of total hemoglobin. The Direct Enzymatic HbA1c Assay requires no post-analytical calculations, and the results are directly reported as % HbA1c in whole-blood samples. Common hemoglobin variants do not interfere with the assay.
Diazyme Laboratories

Oral Fluid Collection Media

Filtrona Fibertec® Trasorb® SCM (Saliva Collection Media) is ideal for obtaining oral fluid diagnostic samples. Drawing on a broad range of fiber types, Filtrona Fibertec customizes Transorb SCM for optimum saliva absorption and recovery of targeted analytes. Media components are self contained and structurally sound, with no fraying or shedding. Filtrona Fibertec components can be made nonabrasive and of proper texture to ensure comfort and prevent the introduction of blood contaminants to the sample. Filtrona Fibertec Transorb SCM is especially well suited for drugs-of-abuse applications. Transorb SCM has been precisely engineered to maximize THC recovery, with independent data suggesting recovery rates over 98% at 5ng/mL concentrations.
Filtrona Fibertec

Customized Rapid Diagnostics Media

Filtrona Fibertec® Transorb® Rapid Diagnostics Media is ideal for use as precise wicking materials, absorbent pads, and in some applications, conjugate pads, for lateral-flow assay applications. The media may be engineered to select capillarity and sample volumes and resistant to non-specific binding. Its high tensile strength delivers optimum processing mechanics in roll stock form. Filtrona Fibertec media will not crimp or tear as cellulose-based products. In-house fiber processing and development enables lot-to-lot consistency and within-lot uniformity. Filtrona Fibertec manufactures bonded fiber components used to collect, wick, manipulate, control or filter diagnostic samples and other fluids on the microliter and milliliter scale.
Filtrona Fibertec

Water Purification Instrument

Designed specifically to be cost effective for low-volume clinical analyzers, the RiOs-DI Clinical system provides consistent and reliable purified water for analyzers requiring between 10–30 L/day. The system is offered as an alternative to buying, storing, and handling bottled water. The RiOs-DI instrument combines reverse osmosis technology with deionization resins to produce CLSI Special Reagent Water. The system also employs a built-in 254-nm UV lamp for low bacterial levels, as well as a 6-liter built-in reservoir in a compact design so it can be installed anywhere in the clinical laboratory.

PBG Test Kit

The new urine porphobilinogen (PBG) screening kit is a rapid, convenient, semi-quantitative procedure for excluding an acute porphyria attack or identifying those patients who need more specialized investigation. Based on the Watson-Schwartz method, the kit uses an anion-exchange resin that binds PBG that may be present in a random urine sample. After a washing step to remove interfering compounds, PBG is then eluted off the resin and added to a dimethyl aminobenzaldehyde solution. If PBG is present, a magenta color develops. A color comparison chart is included in the kit.
Thermo Fisher

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