October 2007 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 33, Number 10



The Challenges of Universal HIV Screening

Why Cost, Logistics, and Some State Laws Present Hurdles to CDC Recommendations

By Deborah Levenson


Recent HIV recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) call upon healthcare providers in all settings to screen all patients ages 13–64, with provisions allowing them to opt out, and suggest rapid HIV tests as an option in episodic care settings. But cost, logistics, and some state laws present barriers to universal screening and to CDC's stance that it’s acceptable to forgo pre-test counseling and separate, written informed consent in many cases.

The Search for the Most Extensive Newborn Screening Panel

What Complexities Will Labs Encounter as Testing Expands? 

By Julie McDowell


While federal officials look to expand the newborn screening panel, labs continue to struggle with the quality and funding of existing programs. However, emerging tools are helping laboratorians improve the quality of existing programs and other potential challenges likely to accompany a more comprehensive number of recommended tests.


Bone Markers
A Valuable Tool for Detection and Management of Osteoporosis
By Catherine Hammett-Stabler, PHD, DABCC, FACB


Not long ago osteoporosis was considered primarily a woman’s disease. But today, key details of its pathogenesis have been uncovered, bone markers for patient identification have been developed, and a number of drugs used to treat the disease have been released.

Study Gives Snapshots of Youth Diabetes Rates

Visitors to the AACC Clin Lab Expo Wowed by Exhibitors


The largest-ever AACC Clin Lab Expo had lots to offer, including an impressive array of new products and unique exhibitor events. 

Session Addresses the Need for Predicting Preterm Labor

IL-6 Assay Could Reduce Cost of Testing

By Deborah Levenson

Interleukin 6 may someday offer a less costly alternative to fetal fibronectin for identifying pregnant women at risk for preterm labor.

Integration of Diagnostic Information Hinges on IT

Siemens Pursues More IVD Acquisitions

By Julie McDowell


The largest-ever AACC Clin Lab Expo had lots to offer, including an impressive array of new products and unique exhibitor events. 


FDA Takes a Step Toward Widespread Personalized Medicine

Warfarin Label Now Recommends Genetic Testing

By Deborah Levenson

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